Four dietary contraindications for acute bronchitis in children


Four dietary contraindications for acute bronchitis in children

What are the dietary contraindications for children with acute bronchitis?

The risk of acute bronchitis in children is extremely great. In addition to actively cooperating with doctors, the diet in life is also very important for the treatment of acute bronchitis in children. So, the dietary taboo of pediatric bronchitis?

The four major dietary contraindications for children with acute bronchitis are: avoid fried and spicy foods, fried foods and other greasy foods, not easy to digest, easy to produce internal heat, phlegm and phlegm, can help wet sputum, combined with the lungs, leading to cough, increased asthma.

Spicy foods such as chili powder, onions, raw garlic, pepper, etc., can help the sputum after eating, which stimulates the bronchial mucosa, causing local edema and increased cough.

Therefore, patients with chronic bronchitis should not eat fried and spicy food.

Second, avoid harmful substances in cigarettes can directly stimulate the respiratory tract. Cigarettes are an important cause of chronic bronchitis in smokers. Smoke or harm to the health of the respiratory tract of surrounding people.

Therefore, patients with acute bronchitis in children should completely eliminate tobacco.

Third, avoid cold food because of cold stagnation, cold main collection, over-eating cold food exchange tracheal blockage, is not conducive to the excretion of secretions, thereby aggravating cough, so that it is not easy to cough up.

In addition, cold food, damage to the spleen and stomach yang, spleen and stomach are transported to dereliction of duty, resulting in turbid endogenous, multiple airways, asthma cough.

Therefore, children with acute bronchitis should eat less cold food.

Fourth, avoid eating sea urchin hair allergy is one of the causes of chronic bronchitis, while fish, shrimp, squid, yellow croaker, octopus, squid, crab and eggs, fresh milk or dairy products are common allergiessource.

Therefore, children with acute bronchitis should not eat this type of food.

In addition to eating, you should avoid alcohol, eggs, pumpkin, mustard, rice, snow, wine and so on.

Dietary principles of acute bronchitis in children, eat more foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Because vitamin A has a certain role in maintaining the normal function of respiratory epithelial tissue and reducing cough symptoms, vitamin A and carotene-rich foods should be added.Such as egg yolk, animal liver and kidney, green vegetables, carrots, tomatoes and so on.

Vitamin C protects bronchial epithelial cells and reduces capillary permeability, participates in antibody formation, and promotes inflammation, so eat more vitamin C fresh vegetables and fruits.

In fact, supplemented vitamins can enhance the body’s immune function, promote the body’s antibody formation and leukocyte phagocytosis, eliminate the symptoms of respiratory infections, so should add enough vitamin A and vitamin C.

Second, supplementing the quality and quantity of protein protein has a great effect on chronic bronchitis.

Soybeans and their products have high-quality protein that the human body needs, which can supplement the loss caused by chronic bronchitis to human tissue proteins.

In addition, due to repeated attacks in patients with chronic bronchitis, protein loss is prolonged, and too much protein food should be added to the diet, resulting in the body’s needs and improving allergies.

70 grams of protein per day?
100 grams is suitable, and the quality protein is more than 1/3.

Third, drinking plenty of water and drinking plenty of water is conducive to reducing sputum and keeping the airway open.

Drinking water is not less than 2000ml per day.

Fourth, Yifu to treat chronic bronchial patients can usually make some medicated diet at home. The prescriptions for medicinal herbs are phlegm, asthma, cough, and gas-reducing foods such as tofu radish soup, almond porridge, ginkgo porridge, lily honey drink.

Fifth, the right amount of limited milk products due to dairy products easy to thicken the sputum, so that the infection is aggravated, should be avoided.

However, because dairy products are the main source of calcium, when not eating dairy products, you should pay attention to supplementing high-quality calcium every day.

The above is about the introduction of dietary principles for children with acute bronchitis, as parents should raise awareness.

Acute bronchitis in children is a kind of disease that is harmful to the children. Parents take good care in the daily life of the baby, especially in the diet, and cooperate with the treatment to help the baby recover health as soon as possible.