Inheritance Cup 1 win and 1 loss

“Inheritance Cup” 1 win and 1 loss
Beijing News (Reporter Sun Haiguang) In the Heritage Cup ice hockey game ended in Gangneung, South Korea yesterday, the North Star Kunlun Hongxing lost to the South Korean national team 2 to 4.At this point, the Kunlun Hongxing team of Beijing University of Sport has achieved a record of 1 win and 1 loss in the two games of the Heritage Cup and the South Korean team.In the two games, Chinese players headed by Ying Rudy, Zhang Zesen, Chen Zimeng and others have performed well, and have initially become the strength to compete with the South Korean team.This week is the International Ice Federation National Team competition day. The Beijing Sport University Kunlun Hongxing team in the off-season of the “Silk Road Cup” rushed to South Korea to participate in the Heritage Cup competition with the support of the China Ice Association.The venue is located in the Jiangling Hockey Center, which is also the venue for the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics hockey game.In the first match of the two teams on February 7, Beijing University of Sport Kunlun Hongxing had captain Zhou Kelin scored a 4-3 victory over South Korea in overtime.Fighting again yesterday, the North Star Kunlun Hongxing lost to the South Korean team 2 to 4 and won 1 win and 1 loss in the two games.In the battle against South Korea, Honglun Hongxing of the Beijing University of Sports has 1 win and 1 loss.The strength of this South Korean team cannot be underestimated. Nearly half of the players have a record of playing in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The other players are the new forces that have emerged in recent years. Nearly three-quarters of the players on behalf of the Korean team participatedWorld Championships in the past two years.The South Korean team is currently ranked 17th in the world, ranking and strength above the Chinese team.Due to the regular season adjustment period, Beijing University of Sports Kunlun Hongxing sent goals made by Chinese players and North American Chinese.The Korean team in the two wars has exactly the same game.The Beilun University Kunlun Hongxing team started slowly, allowing the opponent to quickly score two goals.In the first game, the Beijing University of Sports Kunlun Hongxing reversed through overtime, but yesterday the second game gradually completed the reversal.In the “Silk Road Cup” competition with the Russian team, the Beijing University of Sport Kunlun Hongxing team is obviously in a weak position, so the team has developed a set of ability to attack and kill opponents by speed and counterattack.But in the face of the neighboring South Korean team, the team’s speed advantage is no longer obvious.Once the opponent shrinks and defends, the shortcomings of the Beijing University of Sport Kunlun Hongxing’s insufficient positional combat ability are exposed.After the first defeat, South Korea coach Bai Zhishan stepped up his defense and allowed the Beijing University of Sports Kunlun Hongxing to lose in the second game.Because the Chinese men ‘s ice hockey team ranks too low, it is difficult for Yingrudyu to have a chance to play against the South Korean team.In these two encounters, the young Chinese players have gained a lot and performed very well. Ying Rudy scored in both games and Zhang Zesen also contributed assists.Being able to break through the goal guarded by the best goalkeeper of Group A of the World Championships in 2019, Dalton (South Korean naturalized player), is also a very rare experience for Ying Rudy.In addition to local players, Chinese players such as Mai Jinwen, Yuan Junjie, Zhou Kelin, and Walchick also performed well in the game.