Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine again?Director of Wolverine 3: This is a bad idea

Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine again?Director of “Wolverine 3”: This is a bad idea
On May 26, “Wolverine 3: The Deadly War” (hereinafter referred to as “Wolverine 3”) let Hugh Jackman played Wolverine really come to an end, “Uncle Wolf” Jackman himself also said that hereMay not appear in Wolverine afterwards.But after Disney bought Fox, there are many rumors that he will continue to return.At the same time, many fans also began to call on Hope Marvel to continue to play “Uncle Wolf” as Wolverine.>>>休·杰克曼发文纪念《金刚狼3》上映三周年:终生难忘 据外媒报道,《金刚狼3》的导演詹姆斯·曼高德在接受采访时称他并不欣赏让杰克曼回归This character’s bad idea, unless “return” is for a good reason: “I was surprised that Jackman was tied to this character again. What I always knew was that when I saw rumors about his return on the Internet,这种标题党就是引诱大家点击文章的,比如‘唐尼回归’、‘杰克曼回归’等,可以引发大家的讨论。But what I am curious about is, what would happen if this bad idea really happened?If someone has any good ideas for this character, then I will not hesitate (continue to shoot).”Director Mangold (pictured left) speaks at the scene of” Wolverine 3 “. Mangold also said: “If that’s just,‘ I ‘m out of money, I need a lot of salary, and I can make a movie that does n’t make sense, and may reduce the quality of the previous work.‘Then I think it ‘s their own sorrow.If you have any good ideas for this role, there is no problem with what you do.For me, it is necessary to do something more creative, not just bring those characters back to the screen, just to make money.”Sauna, Yewang Editor Zhou Huixiaowan Huang Jialing Proofreading Li Lijun