Angel Di Maria’s stand-in has set Aguero’s comeback to play in the Netherlands in advance _1

“Angel” Di Maria’s stand-in has set Aguero’s comeback to start the Netherlands July 8th: “Angel” missed the Netherlands, but yesterday it was revealed by the media that Aguero will debut in the game against the Netherlands to replace Di Maria’s absence.Aguero is recovering and has been on the bench in the last quarter-final. For Argentina, the immediate priority is to find a substitute for Di Maria. Fortunately, the Argentine attack line is full of people. According to Spanish media reports, the Argentine team doctor Daniel ·Martinez said in an interview that Aguero can play against the Netherlands.  In this World Cup, Aguero has been the starting striker, but in the group match against Nigeria muscle strain.But his hamstring injury recovered quickly, and has moved from physical training to ball training. He played on the bench with Belgium.The team doctor said that Aguero was ready to play at any time.In this World Cup, Argentina’s Messi, Higuain and Aguero three big forwards have high hopes, the last game Higuain opened and now, all Argentina is expecting Aguero to score.(Phoenix body)