Eating goods, the big mountain on the tip of the tongue


Eating goods, the big mountain on the tip of the tongue

Although it has been in the autumn for more than half a month, the temperature in Changsha is still high.

At this time, the tourists who go to the Dawei Mountain National Forest Park for health and leisure are still in a constant stream.

Here, the mountains are dense and dense, the summer temperature is between 18 掳C and 25 掳C, and the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the mountains is high. Among them, the area of the Limuqiao Scenic Area has the highest negative oxygen ion content, reaching 85,900 per cubic centimeter, so DaweiThe mountain has the reputation of 鈥渘atural air conditioning鈥?and 鈥渇orest oxygen bar鈥?

In the dense forest, there are countless strange peaks and many waterfalls, and there are magnificent streams flying down, and there are also soft and delicate streams.

In this picturesque scenery, the rushing and rushing geographical advantage, playing with drifting to have some flavors, down the stream, the scenery on both sides of the strait is constantly changing, beautiful.

Of course, in Dawei Mountain, you can not enjoy the beautiful scenery, breathe the freshest air, experience the passion of stimulating fun, and also have unique food in this Dawei Mountain.

This is not a wave of food with the original ecological atmosphere of Dawei Mountain.

Here’s a look at the alternatives to the Dawei Mountain feature:

As a specialty of Liuyang, you can taste it on Dawei Mountain or take it home to share it with friends and family.

Daweishan fire-baked fish is a fish that has been removed from the viscera of the wild fish in the Dawei Mountain. It is baked on the fire with a pot. After cooling, the fish are made from husks, peanut shells, orange peels, and sawdust.

Fire-baked fish is also one of the favorite foods of Chairman Mao during his lifetime. Therefore, it is known as the Maojia fire-baked fish.

Daweishan black goat, with fine muscle fibers, delicate meat, delicious taste and very small astringency, causes more than 15 kinds of essential amino acids, and has high nutritional value.

Liuyang steamed vegetables.

Speaking of Liuyang steamed vegetables, I think everyone is not strange, when you go to the streets for food, you can see everywhere.

Liuyang steamed vegetables are part of the Hunan cuisine series and are a traditional Hunan cuisine.

Compared with other cooking, steamed vegetables can maintain the nutrition and original taste of food, and reduce the oil, so it is the most suitable healthy eating method in summer.

Daweishan Baisha tofu is famous for its color, delicious taste and delicate taste. It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and can be processed into oil tofu.

Daweishan crisp bamboo shoots are processed by bamboo shoots naturally grown in the mountains.

Crisp and refreshing, delicious taste.

It happens to eat bamboo shoots to help lose weight. The high fiber content in bamboo shoots is high, which promotes digestion in the stomach. It is a great food that can be eaten and eaten better.

What must be said here is the characteristic fruit of Dawei Mountain. Because the temperature difference between day and night in Dawei Mountain is large, the fruit is delicious and moist.

Daweishan peach is now the peak season for eating peaches.

In the Dawei Mountain Fruit Park, the peaches that are red and white are everywhere.

The peaches here are not beautiful in appearance, and the flesh is crispy, sweet and juicy.

Daweishan plum, plum is flat, sweet, sour.

It is said that eating some plums in a proper amount can dilute the diuretic and clear the liver heat, which is good for your health.

The plums in Dawei Mountain are characterized by sweet and sour taste and juicy taste.

In this beautiful scenery, enjoy the unique delicacies of Dawei Mountain, no regrets in life!

Eat friends, come on with your friends soon?