CBA shoes regulations require fans to be dissatisfied

CBA shoes regulations fans are not satisfied? Allianz on the free throw line called for Li Ning
On the evening of November 2nd, Beijing time, the Guangdong men’s basketball team played against the Shenzhen men’s basketball team. Guangdong’s core Yi Jianlian appeared on the stage due to wearing competitive shoes.Interestingly, when the United League made a free throw in the second half, the fans at the scene once shouted for Li Ning to express their dissatisfaction with the mandatory rules for wearing shoes and support for the right to wear shoes.  With about 1 minute and a half left in the third quarter, the U.A. attacked the foul and took the free throw line.At this time, many fans in Shenzhen shouted for Li Ning.  The reason is that we have to start with the mandatory regulations of the CBA in the new season.According to league regulations, all players in the new season of CBA must wear the shoes of the league sponsor, that is, Li Ning’s shoes.  Because it is mandatory, the players represented by Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin first expressed their dissatisfaction. Therefore, the Basketball Association chose to exert pressure and stated that it will deal with players who publicly depreciate the league sponsor.Although the injured Arab League applied to wear specific shoes, it at least obtained permission.Therefore, the United League once took off its shoes in the first half of the evening, and then left the field.Fortunately, the second half, the United returned to the stadium, and this time, the United put on competitive shoes.  Perhaps it was to express support for the right to wear shoes for the United Arab Emirates, so there was a scene in which live fans shouted for Li Ning.Of course, Shenzhen is the hometown of the United Arab Emirates and one of the reasons why fans support him.  It is worth mentioning that in the fourth quarter, when the United made another free throw, the fans still did not forget to shout for Li Ning.Further reading: Anger took off his shoes and wore socks and walked back to the bench