[Is it good for the fetus to eat chicken feet for pregnant women?

】 _Math body_function

[Is it good for the fetus to eat chicken feet for pregnant women?
】 _Math body_function

Many people like to eat chicken feet, and there are many delicious foods made from chicken feet, and some tastes are very attractive. In life, there are not few women who like to eat chicken feet. Chicken feet contain protein and other nutrientsBut it also contains adults, so it ‘s easy to gain weight if you eat too much, and if you eat chicken feet for a long time, it will lead to sub-health. Is it good for pregnant women to eat chicken feet?

Is it good for pregnant women to eat chicken feet for pregnant women?
Can pregnant women eat chicken feet?

Chicken feet are a kind of food with high nutritional value. Chicken feet are rich in calcium and collagen, and often eaten to soften blood vessels.

At the same time, chicken feet also have a cosmetic effect. The collagen in chicken feet is also very high. This food can keep the skin moisture and elasticity, so as to prevent the skin from sagging and wrinkling.

And this food is also very good for pregnant women, and also has certain benefits to the development of the fetus.

What foods for pregnant women are good for AIDS?

The principle of pregnant women in diet is to be a little bit, you should eat more nutritious and easy to digest and absorb food.

Pregnant women can eat more protein-containing foods, such as eggs, lean meat, fish, soy products, etc. Although sugar can supplement energy, it should be consumed in moderation to avoid causing gestational diabetes, and usually eat more fruits and vegetables, especiallyLong fiber foods like celery and cabbage can help prevent constipation if taken regularly.

In addition, in addition to eating animal liver, beans, spinach, shellfish, and milk in your diet, you can also take some iron, which can be supplemented with calcium and vitamins A, B, C, and D. It is suitable for pregnant women and fetuses.Very helpful food.

Is it good for pregnant women to eat chicken feet for pregnant women?
Chicken feet contain calcium and collagen, which can soften blood vessels and reduce blood lipids and cholesterol in the human body.

At the same time, chicken feet also have a cosmetic effect, which can enhance skin tension and eliminate wrinkles.

Therefore, eating this kind of food can get a lot of nutrients, and the benefits to the human body are very great. Moreover, the chicken feet are rich in copper. It is good for blood, central nervous system and immune system, hair, skin and bone tissue, and brain and liver.Heart and other internal organs have important effects on the healthy development and function.

[Cool yellow okra is more delicious]_How to do_Methods Daquan

[Cool yellow okra is more delicious]_How to do_Methods Daquan

Yellow okra is a vegetable that is loved by people in daily life. It is delicious and nutritious.

There are many ways to eat it. In order to better exert its effect of appetizing and stimulating fluid, choosing the cold okra is the most correct decision.

There are many ways to make cold okra, but they are similar. As long as you prepare the ingredients you need, you can make it successfully according to this step.

Method 1: Main ingredients: 20 accessories of okra: five cloves of garlic, two hot peppers, 3g of salt, 3g of sugar, two spoons of raw soy sauce, two spoons of vinegar, 2g of chicken essence, and olive oilFluff.

2, boil water in the pot, add some salt, put okra and cook.

3, the good okra color is very crisp, fish in ice water for a while, drain the water and set the plate.

4, chopped hot peppers and garlic and put them in a bowl.

5. Add sugar, salt, chicken essence, soy sauce, and vinegar to the sauce.

6. Let’s go up and get started.

Method 2: 1. First prepare the okra, onion, ginger, garlic, millet, pepper oil, pepper, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil.

2, then clean the fresh okra, then put it in the boiling water and cook it, then put it in the dish.

3. Wash the green onion, ginger, and garlic and chop them into small pieces. Millet peppers are also chopped and put in a bowl.

4. Pour the oil into the pan and heat, then add peppercorns, stir-fry the aroma and pour it into step 5, stir-fry the aroma and add salt, pour the vinegar, pour the soy sauce, and add a few drops of sesame oil and stir well.Pour into the okra and serve.

The nutritional value of okra is definitely one of the most healthy and healthy vegetables, okra seeds, viscous substances can effectively nourish the kidneys and acupuncture Yijing, and it has the effect of preventing and adjuvant treatment of many diseases for men, especially those with prostate and kidney deficiency.You should eat more okra, after all, okra is a health-care vegetable known as a plant viagra.

Okra contains a large amount of vitamin C and soluble fiber, so it can be effective in beauty and beauty, bowel defecation, detoxification, make the skin whiter, smoother and more delicate, and okra is also rich in carotene, which is a nutrition that can nourish the skiningredient.

The mucus in the okra contains proteins pectin and mucin, which can alleviate the absorption of sugar, reduce the body’s need for insulin, can inhibit the inhibition of absorption, can relieve blood lipids, detoxify, maintain normal insulin secretion, and regulate blood sugar.

Okra is rich in pectin and its milk expands, which can promote absorption and digestion. It can also treat gastritis and gastric ulcers, which can effectively protect the health of the stomach and intestines.

The mucin in okra can protect the stomach wall, promote gastric secretion, promote appetite, and treat indigestion, so it is a very good health vegetable for spleen and stomach.

Eating goods, the big mountain on the tip of the tongue


Eating goods, the big mountain on the tip of the tongue

Although it has been in the autumn for more than half a month, the temperature in Changsha is still high.

At this time, the tourists who go to the Dawei Mountain National Forest Park for health and leisure are still in a constant stream.

Here, the mountains are dense and dense, the summer temperature is between 18 掳C and 25 掳C, and the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the mountains is high. Among them, the area of the Limuqiao Scenic Area has the highest negative oxygen ion content, reaching 85,900 per cubic centimeter, so DaweiThe mountain has the reputation of 鈥渘atural air conditioning鈥?and 鈥渇orest oxygen bar鈥?

In the dense forest, there are countless strange peaks and many waterfalls, and there are magnificent streams flying down, and there are also soft and delicate streams.

In this picturesque scenery, the rushing and rushing geographical advantage, playing with drifting to have some flavors, down the stream, the scenery on both sides of the strait is constantly changing, beautiful.

Of course, in Dawei Mountain, you can not enjoy the beautiful scenery, breathe the freshest air, experience the passion of stimulating fun, and also have unique food in this Dawei Mountain.

This is not a wave of food with the original ecological atmosphere of Dawei Mountain.

Here’s a look at the alternatives to the Dawei Mountain feature:

As a specialty of Liuyang, you can taste it on Dawei Mountain or take it home to share it with friends and family.

Daweishan fire-baked fish is a fish that has been removed from the viscera of the wild fish in the Dawei Mountain. It is baked on the fire with a pot. After cooling, the fish are made from husks, peanut shells, orange peels, and sawdust.

Fire-baked fish is also one of the favorite foods of Chairman Mao during his lifetime. Therefore, it is known as the Maojia fire-baked fish.

Daweishan black goat, with fine muscle fibers, delicate meat, delicious taste and very small astringency, causes more than 15 kinds of essential amino acids, and has high nutritional value.

Liuyang steamed vegetables.

Speaking of Liuyang steamed vegetables, I think everyone is not strange, when you go to the streets for food, you can see everywhere.

Liuyang steamed vegetables are part of the Hunan cuisine series and are a traditional Hunan cuisine.

Compared with other cooking, steamed vegetables can maintain the nutrition and original taste of food, and reduce the oil, so it is the most suitable healthy eating method in summer.

Daweishan Baisha tofu is famous for its color, delicious taste and delicate taste. It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and can be processed into oil tofu.

Daweishan crisp bamboo shoots are processed by bamboo shoots naturally grown in the mountains.

Crisp and refreshing, delicious taste.

It happens to eat bamboo shoots to help lose weight. The high fiber content in bamboo shoots is high, which promotes digestion in the stomach. It is a great food that can be eaten and eaten better.

What must be said here is the characteristic fruit of Dawei Mountain. Because the temperature difference between day and night in Dawei Mountain is large, the fruit is delicious and moist.

Daweishan peach is now the peak season for eating peaches.

In the Dawei Mountain Fruit Park, the peaches that are red and white are everywhere.

The peaches here are not beautiful in appearance, and the flesh is crispy, sweet and juicy.

Daweishan plum, plum is flat, sweet, sour.

It is said that eating some plums in a proper amount can dilute the diuretic and clear the liver heat, which is good for your health.

The plums in Dawei Mountain are characterized by sweet and sour taste and juicy taste.

In this beautiful scenery, enjoy the unique delicacies of Dawei Mountain, no regrets in life!

Eat friends, come on with your friends soon?

People should be guarded by old age


People should be guarded by old age

When people reach old age, the functions of various organs of the body will be degraded. The best organ is the same as the throat. If you don’t pay attention to protect the scorpion, if it is too much, it will be hoarse and dull.

銆€銆€The larynx is the most important organ of importance.

At the time of attention, the vocal cords are displaced to the midline, the glottis is closed, the airflow exhales the impact vocal cords from the lungs, and the sound is emitted. Then, through the resonance of the larynx, pharynx, nasal cavity and chest cavity, and the coordination of the lips and teeth, it is issued.Different sounds.

The length, thickness, tension and elasticity of the vocal cords play a decisive role in the best.

The laryngeal mucosa of the elderly is atrophy, the nervous system control ability of the larynx is reduced, and the vocal cords are aging. The reduction of the vocal cords and the number of fibers reduces the elasticity of the vocal cord muscles and the exercise capacity is poor. Therefore, the volume becomes small, the appropriateness is weak, the sound quality is degraded, and the lack of sound is suppressed.

銆€銆€Hoarseness is a common symptom of vocal diseases. In general, it is caused by acute annihilation of the larynx, laryngeal tuberculosis, vocal cord masses such as polyps, nodules, benign and malignant tumors of the throat, and mental and neurological factors.

It is worth noting that hoarseness sometimes becomes an early sign of tumors in the lungs, esophagus and mediastinum.

Because the tumors in these parts oppress the recurrent laryngeal nerve, and the recurrent laryngeal nerve is the motor nerve, the oppressed will cause hoarseness. Therefore, those who are over 50 years old and continue to have hoarseness for more than one month should be vigilant and timely check.

銆€銆€To delay the aging of the voice, we must first prevent respiratory diseases.

To avoid talking loudly at both ends, you should drink plenty of water, eat less spicy and irritating food, eat lighter, cool food and eat vitamin C, E food, pay attention to indoor environment and hygiene, and prevent indoor dryness.

1 barrel of hot water 1 barrel of cold water: bathing health


1 barrel of hot water 1 barrel of cold water: bathing health

Can you still maintain a bath?

A few days ago, for urban residents (white-collar blog, white-collar news, white-collar workers say)

銆€銆€Daily timed spray is beneficial to health. Western medicine believes that the body’s body heat system is regular.

The morning to the evening is an instant storage time, but it is lost in the afternoon to evening.

Therefore, spraying at a fixed time every day is in accordance with the laws of physiological circulation.

銆€銆€However, Chinese medicine believes that different “qi” in the human body maintains the functioning of organs and regulates their functions. If the “qi” is not well circulated, it will affect the function of the human body.

External factors such as exercise, stress, and light can bring positive stimulation to the body, making the body’s “qimai” smooth and achieving the effect of health.

To vent the pulse, you have to have a precise hand shower with adjustable water mode, which is the key to shower health.

Use 5 minutes every day in the shower process, use the shower to adjust the different water flow to stimulate the body’s acupuncture points and internal organs, can pass the pulse, relieve the pain, and this method is simple and easy in people’s lives.

銆€銆€Experts believe that hot and cold shower massage can help promote blood circulation, but must be hot and then cold.

Hot water relaxes the blood vessels on the surface of the skin and relaxes the muscles, helping to relax. When the body is warm enough, take a cold bath.

This can tighten blood vessels and promote blood circulation, excites the spirit and the body.

銆€銆€Shower massage must be done after washing the body.

During the process, the water temperature will be raised a little higher, and the water flow intensity will be strengthened. A massage of the massage water will be used to massage the muscles and ligaments, and concentrate on the muscles or the sore ligaments.

After the whole body has been warmed up with hot water, you can try a cold water massage.

Cold water massage should be carried out step by step. Do not immediately align the whole body with cold water. Start with the face, feet or hands and then slowly lead to the side.

If it is difficult to accept cold water, you can only shower from foot to foot and from hand to elbow. Move up a little every day and slowly adapt.

銆€銆€Shower regimen: 鈼廚o shower massage can be treated during drought or just after meals. Those with cardiovascular or circulatory problems must consult a doctor or related specialist.

銆€銆€鈼?Shower or bathe before showering to warm your body.

銆€銆€鈼?Use a mild shower gel or baby shower gel when the skin is dry. After bathing, apply some body lotion or nutrient cream to those who feel uncomfortable.

銆€銆€鈼?Pay special attention to dry your toes after bathing.

銆€銆€鈼?After showering, use a cotton swab to carefully dry the ear canal to prevent ear canal inflammation, and do not use excessive force to avoid hurting the eardrum.

The shower massage method corresponding to the illness.

銆€銆€The headache is corresponding to the tip of the shower massage method, and the limbs are weak: 5 minutes every morning, use soft and gentle cold water to flush the face, or use cold water to impact the calf at the right time.

銆€銆€Venous diseases such as cramps: Repeat the direct replacement time several times a day. Use the cold water flow of softener directly at the time, and extend from the feet to the lower abdomen through the knee socket and thigh.

銆€銆€Rheumatic pain: Bathe in warm water or hot water every day, or soak the pain in the bathtub and massage with a strong hot water flow.

銆€銆€Orange peel skin: powerful hot water massage for 5 minutes a day

3 gold points, legs, weight loss, one step in place


3 gold points, legs, weight loss, one step in place

Everyone wants a pair of slender legs, but it is easy to get thicker.

Do you think your legs are too thick?

In fact, the weight loss of the leg is only to find three golden points. There is no extra meat in the mini-skirt. The most striking part is the part, especially the muscles above the upper part are more conspicuous.

銆€銆€If there are extra aunts here, then the legs must be short and thick, so be sure to tighten them here.

Many people are troubled by their own big bones, which is actually a misunderstanding.

Most people are temporarily stacked due to the dislocation of the knee joint.

銆€銆€Gold point 2 feet are unusually slender and tight. No matter how the thighs and calves are aligned, if the feet are not aligned tightly, the legs still have no sense of line, and the thighs and calves are even the same thickness, as long as the feet are slender.There will still be beautiful lines.

The thickness of the toes is not determined by the size of the bone.

Originally, it is not easy to accumulate feces at the toes, but due to lack of exercise, plus edema, etc., for a long time, there will be accumulation of feces at the toes.

銆€銆€Gold point 3 The most thick position of the calves is high. If the legs are long, the legs will be thin, so if the legs look longer, the legs will be thinner.

The key to the leg length is the position of the thickest part of the calf. If this position is high, it can miraculously make the leg of the lower leg long.

The radish legs we often say are such a beautiful leg shape.

Healthy detoxification and thin waist in addition to standing up to stand 20 pounds


Healthy detoxification and thin waist in addition to standing up to stand 20 pounds

Today, many women have the interference of constipation.

In fact, constipation simply damages your health and is about to destroy your body.

Now teach everyone how to eliminate constipation and thin waist.

銆€銆€The formation of the stool 1: The banquet of the white-collar workers who have been buried in the air-conditioned room for a long time after work has become the most troublesome thing.

Nowadays, the taste of spicy meat and spicy crayfish makes the white-collar workers dying.

銆€銆€Analysis: An apple swallowed from the mouth and reached the colon within 9 hours. After staying for 16 hours to absorb water, 50% of it was discharged in 24 hours and all were discharged in 48 hours.

Fruits blended with fiber still take 2 days to recover, not to mention the spicy meat products with low fiber transfer, which become attractive and eaten. After entering the body, they gradually affect the normal peristalsis of interaction and stay in the body., the stool will naturally form.

銆€銆€Scenario 2: The intense and fast-paced work makes some people have almost no time to go to the toilet. Because they intentionally or unintentionally do not defecate, the full-bodied dry goods hoard the body and gradually lose the urge to dispel.

銆€銆€Analysis: Primary movement is controlled by autonomic nerves.

If artificially suppressed, it will violate the laws of nature, and if there are more suppressions, then it can only be used in the body to flood.

銆€銆€The self-test defecation condition of the stool is an important indicator of whether the internal work is 鈥渄edicated鈥?

If you meet the following criteria, you will not have a lot of stools in your body.

銆€銆€The number of bowel movements: no more than 3 times a day; more than 3 times a week.

銆€銆€Stool weight: The note is 2-3 cm in diameter and 15 cm in length, weighing about 100 grams.

銆€銆€Stool color: yellow or yellow brown for health.

Usually, the convenience of the free radicals is slightly lighter, while the color of the meat is often brown.

銆€銆€The best shape: the shape of the stool should be banana shape.

The water content of the stool is 70-80%.

The surface area exceeds 70%, and it is round or hard, and it is easy to be constipated. If the amount of accumulation is too much, it is more than 80%, and it becomes a semi-paste or mud, which is diarrhea.

銆€銆€Stool smell: abnormal smell is often the obvious basis for the deterioration of the intestinal environment.

High-protein foods may be stinking and stench; while intermediates, such as indigestion, are pungent sour.

銆€銆€Defecation time: between 5-10 minutes.

銆€銆€Clearance of the stool 1.

The principle of drinking ice milk on an empty stomach to drink ice milk on an empty stomach is because cold stimulation accelerates the interaction movement; at the same time, milk contains a lot of lactose, and more than 50% of Chinese people lack the lactase required for milk absorption.

So after drinking milk, lactose enters the colon without digestion and is quickly excreted.


Eating black fungus-assisted massage Black fungus is a very good intestine food, and the air-dried black fungus swells when it meets water, which will bring more moisture to each other.

However, for those who have difficulty in defecation, it is very difficult to eat a black fungus to solve the stool, unless there is an auxiliary exercise, such as abdominal massage.

The method of massage is: lying flat, taking the navel as the center, slowly massage the entire lower abdomen for 3-5 minutes in the interval of 20 cm in diameter, and insist on it every day, there will be certain effect.


Drinking honey in the morning, honey contains more sugar, which can absorb the body’s water in the intestinal lumen, which is good for defecation.

Especially when eating on an empty stomach can speed up the resonance creep.

However, it is worth reminding that the optimum water temperature for brewing honey is around 60 掳C. Too hot or too cold water will destroy the nutritional structure of honey.


Do not forget to eat apples in the apples every day, the cellulose content is higher than the average fruit, and some pectin contained in the apple helps the stool to become soft, which is very helpful for defecation.

However, for those who have more serious problems, the effect of eating apples and clearing the intestines will not be obvious.

銆€銆€DIY DIY electrolyte balance solution salt 200 ml plus water to 3000 ml, and then drink once every two or three minutes, when drinking 1000 ml, the abdomen will have a slight swelling feeling; when drinking 1400 ml, the stomach is fullThe sense of swelling is intensified, accompanied by mild nausea; when drinking 1800 ml, the series creep is gradually obvious; when drinking 2000 ml, it will usually occur after drinking, and the drinking can be stopped.

銆€銆€Subsequently, there will be a bowel movement every 2-4 minutes. At the beginning, there will be watery stools. The amount will be large. Afterwards, the stool will gradually turn into a light yellow watery stool. There is no obvious smell, the abdominal distension is gradually relieved, the body is smooth, and there is fatigue.銆€銆€The entire bowel process is completed in 1 hour.

There is usually no stool in the first 1-2 months after the bowel is removed, and the bowel movement can be restored as usual on the third day.

If a similar bowel movement can be carried out once every six months, then you can say ByeBye with the body’s stool.

銆€銆€The above method is used to make the inertial contents clear and empty, without causing dehydration and abdominal pain, and the effect of clearing the intestine is obvious and relatively safe.

However, if you are serious, you may want to take a look at it. I am afraid that the effect of clearing the intestine will be discounted.

The most basic dietary advice for children with acute bronchitis


The most basic dietary advice for children with acute bronchitis

Acute bronchitis in children is a frequent respiratory disease. If you do not treat your child in the early stage, you may have symptoms such as poor breathing and fever. Coughing and coughing will cause great harm to your child’s physical development. Therefore, parents in lifeWe must actively prevent diseases. Let me explain the most basic dietary advice for preventing acute bronchitis in children. I hope to help you.

Dietary advice for prevention of acute bronchitis in children 1. Fresh radish juice is prepared for radish, 50 grams of lotus root, washed and cut into pieces, squeezed out with a soymilk machine, and then mix thoroughly with the right amount of honey, and drink together in boiling water.Yes.

It has the effect of moistening the lungs, clearing away heat and detoxifying, and has a good effect on bronchitis in children.

Second, the lemon pig lung soup prepares a pig lung, a lemon, first wash the pig lungs and cut into pieces, the lemon is also cut into pieces, then put the pig lungs together with the lemon slices into the pot, add water to cook the soup, cookPig lungs are cooked, add salt, onions, and garlic.

It can moisten the lungs and strengthen the spleen and has a good effect on the bronchus.

Third, lily honey juice lily heat detoxification, honey can care for the bronchi.

First wash the lily, then add honey, steam for an hour and then evenly drink it.

Drink a little effect at night!

There are major drawbacks to the body of bronchitis patients.

Tips: Children suffering from bronchitis are very harmful. Therefore, parents should not only prevent themselves in their lives, but also actively treat them. They should also let their children exercise more and improve their immunity.Better restore a healthy body.

Slimming weight loss products detected illegal ingredients

“Slimming” weight loss products detected illegal ingredients

According to People’s Daily, a 17-year-old woman in Hong Kong had a mental disorder after taking a “slimming” weight loss product.
After the product sample was tested by the authoritative department, it showed that the banned western medicine ingredients phenolphthalein and sibutramine.
銆€銆€In addition to eating less and exercising more, you need to persist in your beliefs. But if this “belief” is supported by stimulants, it can be dangerous.
銆€銆€Experts pointed out that the stimulant sibutramine is strictly prohibited in the use of weight loss health products, and phenolphthalein is more likely to cause cancer.
銆€銆€”Slimming” online hot sale Recently, the reporter logged on the “Yes” shopping site, “slimming pie” in the weight loss products are selling, each bottle is priced at 25 yuan.
“Slimming is imported from the United States, and we rely on it to create credibility!
Ms. Liang, who distributes 鈥渟limming鈥?products online, said that 鈥渟limming鈥?weight loss products are favored by white-collar workers, and sales are about 20% higher than similar products.
銆€銆€When the reporter asked if she knew the news of the “slimming” product in Hong Kong to detect the prohibited ingredients, Ms. Liang said that as a domestic distributor of the product, she has not received the notice of the product from the factory. “The product hasHey, look for the manufacturer in the US!
The reporter visited more than 20 pharmacies, beauty salons and health care products stores in Shencheng. No “slimming” products were available for sale.
銆€銆€缃戝敭浜у搧澶氭潵璺笉鏄庛€€銆€璁拌€呬粠涓浗淇濆仴鍗忎細鍑忚偉鍒嗕細浜嗚В鍒帮紝鐩墠锛屼腑鍥界殑鑲ヨ儢鑰呭凡绐佺牬9000涓囦汉锛屽噺鑲ョ被淇濆仴鍝佷篃鍥犳鎴愪负甯傚満涓婄儹閿€鐨勪繚鍋ュ搧锛屼絾杩欑被浜у搧鐨勮川閲廔t’s hard to be reassured.
銆€銆€”The so-called imported products for online sales are mostly unknown, and the quality is difficult to guarantee!
Xu Xiaowang, secretary-general of the China Health Association’s Weight Loss Branch, said that most of these products were purchased from non-formal channels by dealers. Some of the products were made in China and sold on the market.
銆€銆€Xu Xiaowang revealed that relevant state departments are formulating relevant national standards, urging manufacturers of weight-loss products to bring beauty and health to consumers.
銆€銆€Prohibited ingredients have cancer risk. The reporter learned from the State Food and Drug Administration that phenolphthalein and sibutramine are strictly prohibited in use in weight loss health products.
銆€銆€According to Xu Xiaowang, sibutramine is a central nervous system inhibitor, belonging to the fourth category of stimulants (including psychoactive drugs) in the list of stimulants. It has excitatory and antiseptic effects. Side effects include high blood pressure, epilepsy and heartbeat.Excessive, heart, heart disease and stroke.
Phenolphthalein is a commonly used solution in chemical tests that stimulates the intestines and is a laxative that is banned because it may cause cancer.
銆€銆€Xu Xiaowang reminded consumers that it is difficult to lose weight by relying solely on drugs or health care products. Scientific weight loss requires a reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, moderate exercise, appropriate health care products, drug rehabilitation, and psychological balance.To a satisfactory result.

How can health and health be eaten healthier?

How can health and health be eaten healthier?

Newspaper specials, TV programs, online blogs, hospital lectures, traders’ sales. Massive nutrition information is full of modern life.

Too many people who love the way of health care gradually discover that more and more views “collide”!

Who should I listen to?

Zeng Jing, director of the Nutrition Department of the Guangdong Armed Police Corps Hospital, said that all the information was “re-referenced.”

The patient should first follow the doctor’s advice, and the healthy diet should be based on local food at the time.

銆€銆€Bird’s nest has no eggs high nutrition?

銆€銆€”Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine diet have certain differences. Nutrition focuses on the composition of food nutrients, absorption and metabolism in the human body, and the function of more meaningful foods in Chinese medicine. Due to different concepts, there will be many contradictions.

“Zeng Jingjie,” bird’s nest is a good health product in Chinese medicine, and it is a good medicine. However, from the perspective of Western medicine nutrition, the protein contained in it is mainly collagen, which is an incomplete protein, which means that the nutritional value of bird’s nest is not comparable.Eggs, meat.

She pointed out that Chinese medicine experts “shape the shape”, so in the fracture, Chinese medicine dieters often have pig hands, sheep hooves and other foods.

However, in Western medicine, the protein in food is decomposed into short peptides and amino acids in the body to be absorbed into the blood, and the amino acids decomposed in the body constitute an “amino acid pool”. The muscle, liver and other tissues synthesize the desired protein according to metabolic needs.

As long as the amino acid pool contains too many types and amounts of amino acids, it can meet the needs of the body.

Patients with fractures in bed are prone to hypercoagulability and thrombosis, and excessive intake of pigs, hoof and other complications of the food will increase blood lipids, increase blood viscosity, promote thrombus formation, resulting in adverse effects of fracture recovery.

銆€銆€鈥淐itizens should first understand the characteristics of their own situation, know which part of the nutrition needs to be supplemented and absorbed, combine the viewpoints of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, understand the nutritional properties and categories of various foods, and select them in a targeted manner so that they can achieve health and fitness.The role of not having to deliberately include certain suggestions.

“Zeng Jing said.

銆€銆€Eating 3 eggs a day will be poisoned?

銆€銆€Today, a website says that certain foods should be eaten more. Some experts say that this kind of food will cause cancer. Tomorrow, Liu Wei has been interested in studying health care and subscribed to several health magazines. She likes to be related to the whole family.Small nutritional information was collected and collected, but gradually she began to wonder: Why does this article say that three eggs can be eaten a day, and the expert said that eating more than two eggs would be “poisoned”?

銆€銆€Zeng Jing said that this situation is often encountered in many people’s lives.

She said that the increasing channel of information is one of the reasons for the “paradox.”

With the improvement of technology and people’s living standards, as well as the increasing personal health, the sources of health information are also increasing. However, among these, many opinions come from different sources, many so-called expert levels and ideas.Not the same, it is easy to create a variety of different opinions, and sometimes even conflicts.

銆€銆€Zeng Jing pointed out that nutrition is an interdisciplinary subject involving nutrition, biochemistry, food science and other disciplines. There are still many problems that have not yet been completely solved, such as the interaction between foods, the characteristics of nutrients in different populations and patients with different diseases.Wait.
“The vast amount of nutritional information shows that everyone’s recognition of diet and health, although it is a good phenomenon, should be adequate.

“she says.

銆€銆€Don’t just believe that the business health plan by Zeng Jing, the public should try to choose a medical background publication or mainstream media information.

“Research reports from medical, nutrition, food science and other related disciplines, or written in the form of textbooks, this type of information is generally more authoritative and credible.
鈥?”Zeng Jing pointed out that there is no detailed expert name and the article of the investigation source at the end of Shantou. There is no out-of-sentence mark that covers the cause and effect. The information from the private blog of the network needs to be added. The verbal promotion from the product introduction and salesman.More need to be vigilant, “because the merchants in order to promote product sales, it is likely to exaggerate its actual efficacy and mislead consumers.

In addition, the public should also carefully consider the nutrition recommendations of many experts and scholars.
鈥?Zeng Jing believes that the true expert attitude is rigorous, the problem is comprehensive, the speech is scientific and the credibility is high. “The specific people and taboos of certain foods will be specifically pointed out, and there will not be a bunch of common foods killed.”Another kind of “drilling home” likes to dig into the horns, to see the problem is more one-sided, and it is easy to mislead some readers; there is also a “brick home” that is not to spread scientific knowledge, but to “give the public” and rely on bold comments.The summary is supported by no evidence and lacks credibility.

銆€銆€It is suggested that the main food at the time, Zeng Jing, said that the key to a healthy diet is a long-term balanced diet and food.

“For the general population, we believe that the absorption of the required nutrients from natural foods, the so-called ‘healthy recipes’ can be referred to without taking care of them.

For the noisy diet, nutrition, health information, Zeng Jing listed three golden principles: First, pay attention to food hygiene and safety.
鈥?When purchasing food, try to choose foods that are harmless, organically produced, and choose foods that grow in accordance with the laws of nature; be sure to clean them before cooking to ensure health and safety.

銆€銆€Second, pay attention to the diversity of the diet.

The human body needs dozens of nutrients every day. Now there is no food that can fully meet the needs of the human body, so the food variety should be avoided as much as possible.

She pointed out that there is a mutual promotion or inhibition between nutrients, and only when the varieties are different, can nutritional supplements be balanced.

At the same time, no matter how much food or food is eaten, the food with high nutritional value is too blind to eat too much, which will inevitably have adverse effects on the human body and even endanger health.

銆€銆€Third, pay attention to the diet varies from person to person.

Zeng Jing pointed out that different regions, different seasonal seasons, different physiques, different ages, genders, and the body’s demand for nutrients are different. The foods eaten should reflect this difference.

鈥滄渶濂芥槸浠ュ綋鏃跺綋瀛e綋鍦扮殑椋熺墿涓轰富锛屽鏋滆韩浣撴病鏈夌壒娈婄蹇岋紝涓嶇敤澶彈鍋ュ悍淇℃伅鈥樿桨鐐糕€欏奖鍝?濡傛灉鏈夌壒娈婄蹇岋紝姣斿韬偅鏌愮鎱㈡€х柧鐥咃紝棣栧厛蹇呴』鏄弗鏍兼寜鐓у尰鐢熷拰The dietitian prescribes food, eats less food, and does not eat food.Only the reference category information.

“she says.
銆€銆€Zeng Jing introduced that at present, all levels of hospitals in Guangzhou have conducted health talks, many of which are aimed at the diet and health guidance of various physique and disease groups.

In addition, large hospitals have nutrition departments or clinical nutrition centers, which can be consulted by nutrition clinics. The health information of the media can also be supplemented by one of the reference materials.