3 gold points, legs, weight loss, one step in place


3 gold points, legs, weight loss, one step in place

Everyone wants a pair of slender legs, but it is easy to get thicker.

Do you think your legs are too thick?

In fact, the weight loss of the leg is only to find three golden points. There is no extra meat in the mini-skirt. The most striking part is the part, especially the muscles above the upper part are more conspicuous.

銆€銆€If there are extra aunts here, then the legs must be short and thick, so be sure to tighten them here.

Many people are troubled by their own big bones, which is actually a misunderstanding.

Most people are temporarily stacked due to the dislocation of the knee joint.

銆€銆€Gold point 2 feet are unusually slender and tight. No matter how the thighs and calves are aligned, if the feet are not aligned tightly, the legs still have no sense of line, and the thighs and calves are even the same thickness, as long as the feet are slender.There will still be beautiful lines.

The thickness of the toes is not determined by the size of the bone.

Originally, it is not easy to accumulate feces at the toes, but due to lack of exercise, plus edema, etc., for a long time, there will be accumulation of feces at the toes.

銆€銆€Gold point 3 The most thick position of the calves is high. If the legs are long, the legs will be thin, so if the legs look longer, the legs will be thinner.

The key to the leg length is the position of the thickest part of the calf. If this position is high, it can miraculously make the leg of the lower leg long.

The radish legs we often say are such a beautiful leg shape.