Liu Yifei talks to Okafina: I always wanted to play Mulan, and I wanted to be her

Liu Yifei talks to Okafina: I always wanted to play Mulan, and I wanted to be her
Sauna Night Network News Recently, Liu Yifei boarded the inside page of the March issue of Hollywood Entertainment Magazine.The magazine is characterized by inter-star interviews. The actor Okafina, who won the best actress in the 77th Golden Globe Awards, interviewed Liu Yifei.Okafina, Liu Yifei.The picture is from the Internet. The following are some interview questions: Okafina: How did you get the role of “Mulan”?Liu Yifei: I answered a phone call and asked if I wanted to audition.I asked myself, what can I bring to this story?Even for auditions, I need to know if I can show something unique.In the end, I was confident enough to surprise them.Okafina: What is the difference between making “Mulan” and other films before?Liu Yifei: Completely different.This is a brand new experience for me.I really want to understand her world, not to play her, but to be her.Okafina: What is the biggest challenge?Liu Yifei: Everything Mulan operates is based on love, her love for her father, and her pursuit of her true self.Thinking about these is like my homework. It motivates me to prepare mentally and physically.The fitness exercises I do have training for fighting and equestrian.But the core of “Mulan” is actually quality and spirit.She is a very famous character, but at the same time I also want to be myself, all of which requires trade-offs and choices.Be yourself is always a very brave thing.Okafina: What do you hope “Mulan” means for young Asian women?Liu Yifei: It is important to know what you want, who you are, to chase your dreams and become the best self.This is what I want the audience to know when watching this movie.Okafina: As an actor, what do you like and least like?Liu Yifei: As an actor, I have nothing to dislike.This is my dream since I was a child, and it is my choice now. I hope it will be my choice forever.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Lijun

Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine again?Director of Wolverine 3: This is a bad idea

Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine again?Director of “Wolverine 3”: This is a bad idea
On May 26, “Wolverine 3: The Deadly War” (hereinafter referred to as “Wolverine 3”) let Hugh Jackman played Wolverine really come to an end, “Uncle Wolf” Jackman himself also said that hereMay not appear in Wolverine afterwards.But after Disney bought Fox, there are many rumors that he will continue to return.At the same time, many fans also began to call on Hope Marvel to continue to play “Uncle Wolf” as Wolverine.>>>休·杰克曼发文纪念《金刚狼3》上映三周年:终生难忘 据外媒报道,《金刚狼3》的导演詹姆斯·曼高德在接受采访时称他并不欣赏让杰克曼回归This character’s bad idea, unless “return” is for a good reason: “I was surprised that Jackman was tied to this character again. What I always knew was that when I saw rumors about his return on the Internet,这种标题党就是引诱大家点击文章的,比如‘唐尼回归’、‘杰克曼回归’等,可以引发大家的讨论。But what I am curious about is, what would happen if this bad idea really happened?If someone has any good ideas for this character, then I will not hesitate (continue to shoot).”Director Mangold (pictured left) speaks at the scene of” Wolverine 3 “. Mangold also said: “If that’s just,‘ I ‘m out of money, I need a lot of salary, and I can make a movie that does n’t make sense, and may reduce the quality of the previous work.‘Then I think it ‘s their own sorrow.If you have any good ideas for this role, there is no problem with what you do.For me, it is necessary to do something more creative, not just bring those characters back to the screen, just to make money.”Sauna, Yewang Editor Zhou Huixiaowan Huang Jialing Proofreading Li Lijun

Inheritance Cup 1 win and 1 loss

“Inheritance Cup” 1 win and 1 loss
Beijing News (Reporter Sun Haiguang) In the Heritage Cup ice hockey game ended in Gangneung, South Korea yesterday, the North Star Kunlun Hongxing lost to the South Korean national team 2 to 4.At this point, the Kunlun Hongxing team of Beijing University of Sport has achieved a record of 1 win and 1 loss in the two games of the Heritage Cup and the South Korean team.In the two games, Chinese players headed by Ying Rudy, Zhang Zesen, Chen Zimeng and others have performed well, and have initially become the strength to compete with the South Korean team.This week is the International Ice Federation National Team competition day. The Beijing Sport University Kunlun Hongxing team in the off-season of the “Silk Road Cup” rushed to South Korea to participate in the Heritage Cup competition with the support of the China Ice Association.The venue is located in the Jiangling Hockey Center, which is also the venue for the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics hockey game.In the first match of the two teams on February 7, Beijing University of Sport Kunlun Hongxing had captain Zhou Kelin scored a 4-3 victory over South Korea in overtime.Fighting again yesterday, the North Star Kunlun Hongxing lost to the South Korean team 2 to 4 and won 1 win and 1 loss in the two games.In the battle against South Korea, Honglun Hongxing of the Beijing University of Sports has 1 win and 1 loss.The strength of this South Korean team cannot be underestimated. Nearly half of the players have a record of playing in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The other players are the new forces that have emerged in recent years. Nearly three-quarters of the players on behalf of the Korean team participatedWorld Championships in the past two years.The South Korean team is currently ranked 17th in the world, ranking and strength above the Chinese team.Due to the regular season adjustment period, Beijing University of Sports Kunlun Hongxing sent goals made by Chinese players and North American Chinese.The Korean team in the two wars has exactly the same game.The Beilun University Kunlun Hongxing team started slowly, allowing the opponent to quickly score two goals.In the first game, the Beijing University of Sports Kunlun Hongxing reversed through overtime, but yesterday the second game gradually completed the reversal.In the “Silk Road Cup” competition with the Russian team, the Beijing University of Sport Kunlun Hongxing team is obviously in a weak position, so the team has developed a set of ability to attack and kill opponents by speed and counterattack.But in the face of the neighboring South Korean team, the team’s speed advantage is no longer obvious.Once the opponent shrinks and defends, the shortcomings of the Beijing University of Sport Kunlun Hongxing’s insufficient positional combat ability are exposed.After the first defeat, South Korea coach Bai Zhishan stepped up his defense and allowed the Beijing University of Sports Kunlun Hongxing to lose in the second game.Because the Chinese men ‘s ice hockey team ranks too low, it is difficult for Yingrudyu to have a chance to play against the South Korean team.In these two encounters, the young Chinese players have gained a lot and performed very well. Ying Rudy scored in both games and Zhang Zesen also contributed assists.Being able to break through the goal guarded by the best goalkeeper of Group A of the World Championships in 2019, Dalton (South Korean naturalized player), is also a very rare experience for Ying Rudy.In addition to local players, Chinese players such as Mai Jinwen, Yuan Junjie, Zhou Kelin, and Walchick also performed well in the game.

Angel Di Maria’s stand-in has set Aguero’s comeback to play in the Netherlands in advance _1

“Angel” Di Maria’s stand-in has set Aguero’s comeback to start the Netherlands July 8th: “Angel” missed the Netherlands, but yesterday it was revealed by the media that Aguero will debut in the game against the Netherlands to replace Di Maria’s absence.Aguero is recovering and has been on the bench in the last quarter-final. For Argentina, the immediate priority is to find a substitute for Di Maria. Fortunately, the Argentine attack line is full of people. According to Spanish media reports, the Argentine team doctor Daniel ·Martinez said in an interview that Aguero can play against the Netherlands.  In this World Cup, Aguero has been the starting striker, but in the group match against Nigeria muscle strain.But his hamstring injury recovered quickly, and has moved from physical training to ball training. He played on the bench with Belgium.The team doctor said that Aguero was ready to play at any time.In this World Cup, Argentina’s Messi, Higuain and Aguero three big forwards have high hopes, the last game Higuain opened and now, all Argentina is expecting Aguero to score.(Phoenix body)

CBA shoes regulations require fans to be dissatisfied

CBA shoes regulations fans are not satisfied? Allianz on the free throw line called for Li Ning
On the evening of November 2nd, Beijing time, the Guangdong men’s basketball team played against the Shenzhen men’s basketball team. Guangdong’s core Yi Jianlian appeared on the stage due to wearing competitive shoes.Interestingly, when the United League made a free throw in the second half, the fans at the scene once shouted for Li Ning to express their dissatisfaction with the mandatory rules for wearing shoes and support for the right to wear shoes.  With about 1 minute and a half left in the third quarter, the U.A. attacked the foul and took the free throw line.At this time, many fans in Shenzhen shouted for Li Ning.  The reason is that we have to start with the mandatory regulations of the CBA in the new season.According to league regulations, all players in the new season of CBA must wear the shoes of the league sponsor, that is, Li Ning’s shoes.  Because it is mandatory, the players represented by Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin first expressed their dissatisfaction. Therefore, the Basketball Association chose to exert pressure and stated that it will deal with players who publicly depreciate the league sponsor.Although the injured Arab League applied to wear specific shoes, it at least obtained permission.Therefore, the United League once took off its shoes in the first half of the evening, and then left the field.Fortunately, the second half, the United returned to the stadium, and this time, the United put on competitive shoes.  Perhaps it was to express support for the right to wear shoes for the United Arab Emirates, so there was a scene in which live fans shouted for Li Ning.Of course, Shenzhen is the hometown of the United Arab Emirates and one of the reasons why fans support him.  It is worth mentioning that in the fourth quarter, when the United made another free throw, the fans still did not forget to shout for Li Ning.Further reading: Anger took off his shoes and wore socks and walked back to the bench

2016 Snooker Crown Wins Higgins vs Murphy Live Video Recording Results 4-2

2016 Snooker Crown Wins Higgins vs Murphy Live Video Recording Results 4-2
On November 10, the 2016 Snooker Championship Championship Tournament continued, in the fourth semifinal, Higgins encountered a strong enemy Murphy, including Higgins in the third game 46 points and 0-77 behindAt the end of the show, a wonderful single game reversal was staged. Higgins finally defeated Murphy 4-2 and successfully advanced to the fourth group final.  Higgins won the Chinese Championships not long ago and was able to resume the finalist championship tournament. In the group semi-finals, his opponent was Murphy, who was only the 2016 Grand Prix champion.The two men played 21 crosses in their careers. Higgins had 12 wins and 9 losses. The most recent match between the two sides was the Daqing National Championship in 2015, when Higgins 6-0 zero Murphy.  In the first game, after the struggle in the opening stage, Murphy missed the mobile phone meeting consecutively. Higgins then obtained a chance through a long shot. 68 points in a single shot can lead the lead, after winning this game 1-0Lead.  In the second inning, Murphy was the first to get a mobile phone meeting, and the attack was interrupted after scoring 55 points.The safety ball competed for the Murphy cue ball to fall into the bag and directly leaked the chance of the red ball in the bag. Higgins scored the red ball to get started. After scoring 50 points, the last post was the red ball.After Murphy’s long table scored a red ball, he posted a black ball to make a snooker. Higgins made a penalty for the wrong ball. Murphy once again took the 1-1 draw.  In the third inning, Higgins left the opportunity to make mistakes, Murphy 26-0 racket attacking the bottom of the red bag failed to score.Higgins dropped the bag and missed the long table in the safety ball. Murphy scored the red ball and posted a green ball to make a snooker. In the solution, Higgins hit the pink ball with multiple consecutive shots.To the red ball, Murphy achieved a 77-0 lead.Higgins then started chasing two shots and scored 38 points to cause snooker. Murphy missed a shot and missed the ball. Higgins then cleared the game with a 90-77 reversal and won this round, leading 2-1 again.  In the fourth inning, Higgins left a long platform opportunity, Murphy’s attack was interrupted after 18 consecutive points.Higgins then started chasing points, and after scoring 39 points, the cue ball piled up for defense. Higgins then got another chance, 55-26 leading the racket and lost the top bag red ball.Murphy once again cleared the table with a shot to win this round, and the total score was tied 2-2.  In the fifth inning, Higgins scored a red ball through the long stage in the opening stage. Higgins made a defense after 3-1. Murphy missed the ball and missed the ball. Higgins got 37 points and the offense was interrupted.This round of safety ball is still surrounded by Higgins. After Murphy missed the ball again, Higgins scored this game with a single shot and came to the match point 3-2.In the 6th inning of Murphy vs Higgins in the 4th semi-final of the 2016 Snooker Championship, Higgins gained a chance through a precise bench, then posted a green ball to serve as a snooker, and Murphy leaked the ballWith a red ball at the bottom, Higgins’ offense was interrupted after 22-0.Murphy’s safety ball turnover left another chance, and Higgins again started with a 39-0 back pocket black turnover.In the battle defense, Higgins scored a red ball in the top bag, and then posted a basketball to aim at Snooker. Murphy hit the ball and hit the pink ball penalty and missed the ball. Higgins took the opportunity to take another shot and scored again.Under this game.Higgins finally defeated Murphy 4-2, taking the lead in the fourth group final of the championship.

Eagle Eyes debut in China Badminton Open, Dutch women’s doubles challenge failed _1

“Eagle Eyes” debuts at the Chinese Badminton Open
Minnan News November 13th Yesterday, the Chinese Badminton Open entered the main game, and eagle eye technology was also used in the Chinese badminton arena for the first time.The first challenge to Eagle Eye was the Dutch women’s doubles player, but the challenge failed.  The official name of Eagle Eye is an instant playback system, which is composed of 8 high-speed cameras, four computers and a large screen.The system uses computer calculations to divide the three-dimensional space in the playing field into units of measurement in millimeters. It uses high-speed cameras to simultaneously capture the basic data of the badminton flight trajectory from different angles, and then uses computer calculations to generate three-dimensional images from these data.Finally, using real-time imaging technology, the large screen clearly shows the badminton movement route and landing point.”Eagle Eyes” will be used more and more in international competitions to ensure fairness and justice.The referee of the tournament, Ronnie De Vos from Belgium said.  According to regulations, players have two chances to challenge Hawkeye in the game, and the challenge will be reduced once. If they succeed, they will continue to have two chances to challenge.Due to cost and venue considerations, the Eagle Eye technology is only used in venues with TV broadcasts.Of the five venues for the China Badminton Open, only the Central One venue uses Eagle Eye.When a player challenges, the live big screen does not play a playback video to the audience.The result of the challenge is communicated to the on-duty referee through the official’s badge.  Yesterday, the Dutch player Avge Moskens/Selena Piek tried the first Eagle Eye challenge in the women’s doubles match against China’s Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan.When the Dutch combination led 7:6, the referee sent a penalty for the Dutch player’s smash and the Dutch player challenged.The Hawkeye system showed that the ball was out of bounds through replay, and the challenge failed.But the Dutch players eventually eliminated the Chinese combination in two straight games.(Haidu reporter Huang Xuanxuan)

Baota Industrial was filed for bankruptcy to reorganize the major shareholder Baota Petrochemical’s debt crisis unsolved

Baota Industrial was filed for bankruptcy to reorganize the major shareholder Baota Petrochemical’s debt crisis unsolved
On the evening of March 23, Baota Industrial announced that the company received the “Notice” from Yinchuan Intermediate People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as “the court”) (2020) Ning 01 Po Shen No. 7-1 on March 20, 2020.According to the “Notice”, Ningxia No. 1 Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ningxia Yijian”), in accordance with the “Enterprise Bankruptcy Law of the People ‘s Republic of China” (hereinafter referred to as the “Corporate Bankruptcy Law”), was unable to pay off debts and was obviouslyDue to the lack of solvency, an application for reorganization of Baota Industrial was filed with the court, and its corresponding claims were liquidated through the reorganization procedure.According to the announcement, Ningxia Yijian and Baota Industrial successively constructed a number of construction project construction contracts in 2013, stipulating that Ningxia Yijian should undertake the construction project, and Baota Industrial should settle all construction funds with Ningxia Yijian when the conditions agreed in the contract were fulfilled.As of now, Baota Industrial still owes part of the construction cost of Ningxia Yijian.Baota Industrial and Ningxia Yijian have no objection to the fact that the project payment is owed, and the actual amount of the project payment owed shall be determined in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.After the creditor’s rights expired, Ningxia Yijian urged Baota Industrial to call for payment obligations, but due to the shortage of funds in Baota Industrial, it was unable to pay off its due debts.Baota Industrial stated that as of the date of the announcement, the company has not received the court’s ruling on Ningxia Yijian’s application for company reorganization.Whether the creditor’s application is recognized by the court and whether the company enters the reorganization process is still subject to significant uncertainty.The company will promptly disclose the progress of the reorganization application.Unless the reorganization process is entered, the company will actively carry out daily operations and management on the basis of the existing ones.The board of directors of Baota Industrial issued an opinion on the application for reorganization. As an old bearing listed company, the company has R & D strength and has many countries and localities to support scientific and technological innovation projects. “NXZ” is a well-known trademark in China with high market recognition andA large number of mature sales systems.However, due to the company’s debt risk, it has encountered difficulties in market development and financing. If the debt risk is properly resolved through the reorganization process, the company will re-enter the track of sustained and stable development, working with shareholders, creditors, employees and other stakeholders.Share the company’s value growth space.The board of directors of Baota Industrial also said that during the review and examination of the court case, the company will lawfully litigate the court to conduct research and demonstration on the feasibility of the company’s reorganization.If the court decides that the company is going to be reorganized, the company will cooperate with the court and the administrator to carry out the reorganization work according to law, legally oblige the legal obligations of the debtor, actively protect the legal rights and interests of the individual, and actively discuss the debt resolution plan with all parties and actively carry out relevantSupport from all sides to realize the smooth progress of the reorganization work.The forecast of the 2019 annual performance released by Pagoda Industrial Democracy shows that the performance in 2019 is expected to improve, and the net profit attributable to the mother is expected.400 million to 3.3 trillion, 9819 is expected for the same period last year.440,000 yuan.Regarding expansion, Baota Industrial stated that the decline in the company ‘s operating performance during the reporting period was mainly due to the deterioration in operating performance, impairment of goodwill, impairment of long-term equity investments and others.In December last year, according to a legal document of the Yinchuan Court, Sauna, the controlling shareholder of Baota Industrial, Baota Petrochemical Group, was about to enter bankruptcy proceedings.The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Yinchuan City Intermediate People’s Court made (2019) Ning 01 Zhi No. 301 enforcement ruling in September 2019. The document shows that Baota Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. is about to enter bankruptcy proceedings. Baota Petrochemical Group Finance Co., Ltd. and other namesNo other property has the right to execute.Listed company’s denial of this matter.On December 24, 2019, Baota Industrial issued an announcement on the above-mentioned report, saying that after verification by Baota Petrochemical and Yinchuan Intermediate People’s Court, the Yinchuan City two-level people’s court has not received a bankruptcy application against Baota Petrochemical.Pagoda Petrochemical did not apply to the People’s Court for bankruptcy.According to public information, Baota Petrochemical Group is a large-scale enterprise group with petrochemical industry as the main body, industry-university-research integration, industry-finance integration, technological innovation and petrochemical equipment manufacturing.In 2016, the company’s total assets were 68.5 billion yuan and its employees were 1.50,000 people.In the list of China’s top 500 enterprises in 2018, Baota Group ranked 524.The operating income of 7.8 billion US dollars ranked 306, and the 138th among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises.In early November 2018, Sun Hengchao, the actual controller of the pagoda, said in a speech that due to the profound changes in the international economic environment, domestic economic transformation and structural adjustments, the development of private enterprises has encountered many difficulties, and the pagoda cannot be alone.At the same time, the management capabilities of enterprises do not match the rapid development, and some hidden problems gradually emerge and become a major factor in enterprise development.The superposition of three factors, international and domestic, makes the pagoda’s current development face a severe test.In November 2018, Baota Industrial, a listed company affiliated to Baota Petrochemical Group, announced that at the group’s high-level leadership meeting on the multi-function hall conference room on the 4th floor of Baota Petrochemical Building in Ningxia on November 16, the public security organ informed the company’s actual controller Sun HengchaoSuspected criminal offense.This indicates that the Pagoda Group’s bill issue is going public.In December 2018, the Yinchuan police released news that it had opened a case to investigate the suspected bill fraud of Baota Petrochemical Group.In addition, the Yinchuan Procuratorate decided on December 18 to approve 8 Hengchao and other suspects involved in the case. Among them, Baota Petrochemical Group Chairman Sun Hengchao was suspected of bill fraud.The Yinchuan police carried out corrections on the above personnel on December 19, 2018.Currently, the case is under further investigation.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhu Yueyi editor Wang Jinyu proofreading Li Ming

FIFA’s latest ranking-Brazil returns to the first national football after 7 years, rises 5 places, Asia still ranks 9th

FIFA latest ranking: Brazil returns to the first national football after 7 years, rises 5 places, Asia still ranks 9th
On the afternoon of April 6th, Beijing time, FIFA announced the latest world ranking of men’s football.Brazil’s national team returned to the world’s first throne after seven years, and Argentina gave up the top spot.Switzerland rose by two places to the top 10.The Chinese Men’s Football Team defeated South Korea 1-0 in the World Preliminaries and rose 5 places to 81st place.  In the World Preliminaries on March 28th, Brazil defeated Paraguay 3-0 at home and locked the tickets for the 2018 World Cup 4 rounds in advance, becoming the first national team to advance to the 2018 World Cup in addition to the host Russia.With the wonderful performance of the World Preliminaries, the Brazilian team rose by one place, and once again took the FIFA World No. 1 throne after 7 years!  Among the top 10 teams, Germany and Chile still maintain 3-4 positions. In March, Colombia, which had a two-game winning streak, rose to fifth place, and Belgium fell two places to seventh place.6th France, 8th Portugal, and 10th Spain remain unchanged.  In the AFC, Iran ranks 28th in the world and is the leader in Asia.South Korea ranks 43rd, Japan ranks 44th, Australia ranks 50th, Saudi Arabia ranks 52nd, Uzbekistan ranks 60th, UAE ranks 74th, and Syria ranks 80th.The Chinese team is still the 9th in Asia. The only difference is that Qatar is overtaken by the national football team, but Syria is ranked higher than the national football team.  In the previous ranking, the national football team was 86th in the world and 9th in Asia, ranking lower than the small countries of Central and North America and the Caribbean, Saint Kitts and Nevis.Saint Kitts and Nevis ranked 73rd in the previous FIFA rankings, and this ranking is only 4.A small country with a population of 60,000 dropped 26th, ranking 99th, surpassed by the national football team.

How do airlines react when oil prices fall out of the skyline?China Airlines plans to hedge

How do airlines react when oil prices fall out of the skyline?China Airlines plans to hedge
Fuel cost and exchange loss are important factors that affect the airline’s operating performance.After the plunge in international oil prices, on the evening of March 9, China Airlines (002928) issued an announcement saying that in order to reduce the risk of fluctuations in crude oil, jet fuel prices and exchange rates and interest rates, the company proposed crude oil and exchange rate hedging.Some market participants pointed out that lower oil prices will benefit fares.The airline company is currently under the impact of the epidemic and its attendance rate has decreased. This news has changed the performance of the airline company in the capital market and has shown a boost.At the close on March 9, according to a flush flush, the airport’s continuous sector rose 1 against the market.79%, Huaxia Airlines daily limit, Air China increased by 3.24%, Spring Airlines is up 2.79%; On March 10th, a daily reporter issued a report.What is the use of the airline company to carry out hedging business?On the evening of March 9, China Airlines announced that in the context of the gap between the cost of jet fuel and the operating cost of the company, and the correlation between jet fuel prices and crude oil prices in the international market, in order to reduce crude oil prices, jet fuel price fluctuationsInfluenced by performance, the company plans to take necessary measures to carry out crude oil hedging business in a planned way.China Airlines said that the company and its subsidiaries carry out crude oil hedging business, and the trading varieties include forward, futures, swap (swap) and alternative products or financial instruments that mix the characteristics of the above products.Within the actual oil consumption, for the purpose of avoiding the risk of aviation oil price fluctuations, no speculative and arbitrage transactions will be conducted, and no additional funds will be used due to crude oil hedges.China Airlines said that according to the company’s calculation of the future demand for the use of aviation fuel, within 12 months from the date of the establishment of the board of directors, the total purchase amount of the crude oil hedging transaction to be implemented by the company does not exceed 900 million yuan worth of commodity value.Rolling positions are used, and the quota can be recycled.On January 24 last year, China Airlines announced that it had completed a crude oil hedging transaction with a total purchase amount not exceeding US $ 900 million, and the transaction period authorized by the board of directors was also 12 months.In addition, China Airlines also announced that it has adopted the “Exchange Rate on Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Hedging”. In order to reduce the adverse effects of exchange rates and exchange rate changes on the company’s financial income and expenditure, it agreed that the company and its subsidiaries shall adjust from the date of the board’s adjustmentWithin a month, right does not exceed 8.5 trillion yuan or equivalent foreign currency is used for foreign exchange forwards, foreign exchange budgets, currency swaps or financial instruments that mix the characteristics of the above products, and the principal does not exceed 9.5 ppm Renminbi or equivalent foreign currency loans are operated using financial instruments with product characteristics during periods of interest rate declines or mixed interest rate declines, and the equal amount can be recycled.It is limited to the same currency as the main settlement currency used by the EFF and the company ‘s production and operation, and is currently limited to the US dollar.Some market participants pointed out that lower oil prices will benefit fares.The airline company is currently under the impact of the epidemic and its attendance rate has decreased. This news has changed the performance of the airline company in the capital market and has shown a boost.On March 9th, China Airlines’ daily limit was reached. On March 10th, the last reporter issued a report. China Airlines once again rose against the trend by more than 7%.The 2019 performance report issued by China Airlines in February this year showed that the company is expected to achieve operating income of 54 in 2019.1.6 billion yuan, an increase of 27 from the same period last year.12%.The company said that the main reason for the increase in operating income is the steady growth of the company’s capacity, the continuous optimization of the fleet structure, the daily income of the aircraft has increased significantly, and the price level of passenger tickets has increased.How much influence does the fuel cost accounting airline have?China Airlines said in its 2018 annual report that, in terms of costs, the increase in aviation fuel prices and the fluctuation of the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar have a significant impact on the company’s operating results.In the number of reports, the average unit cost of the company’s jet fuel increased by 25%, and the overall jet fuel cost increased by 61.74%.Aviation fuel costs accounted for 25% of operating costs from the previous period.76%, increased to 30 per year.83%, which has a significant impact on the growth of operating costs during the reporting period; meanwhile, the central parity of the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar increased from 6 January 2, 2018.5079 yuan fell to 6 December 28.8,632 yuan, a cumulative depreciation of about 5.5%.The company incurred foreign exchange losses of RMB 36.04 million, and exchange gains of RMB 55.78 million in the same period last year.Take the three major airlines as an example. In the 2019 semi-annual report, the three major airlines have stated that jet fuel is still the largest cost.The cost of China Eastern’s aircraft fuel is RMB 166.2.5 billion, an annual increase of 9.00%; China Southern Airlines pointed out 206 in the first half of 2019.1.6 billion, an increase of 6 from the same period last year.37%; Air China Aviation Fuel cost 176.1.5 billion US dollars, basically the same as last year.Air China weighs and reports that the average aviation fuel price will increase or decrease by about 8% if other average variables remain unchanged.8.1 billion yuan.China Eastern Airlines pointed out in the 2019 semi-annual report that in the first half of 2019, the company optimized its capacity investment and production organization, strengthened marketing, and strived to increase the passenger load factor and unit income level.In the future, the company will actively research and judge the trend of oil prices and, based on the authorization of the board of directors, will prudently develop the hedging business of aviation fuel.In the first half of 2019, the company did not engage in hedging of aviation fuel.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Zeyan editor Wang Yu proofreading Wang Xin reporter email: zhangzeyan @