Inheritance Cup 1 win and 1 loss

“Inheritance Cup” 1 win and 1 loss
Beijing News (Reporter Sun Haiguang) In the Heritage Cup ice hockey game ended in Gangneung, South Korea yesterday, the North Star Kunlun Hongxing lost to the South Korean national team 2 to 4.At this point, the Kunlun Hongxing team of Beijing University of Sport has achieved a record of 1 win and 1 loss in the two games of the Heritage Cup and the South Korean team.In the two games, Chinese players headed by Ying Rudy, Zhang Zesen, Chen Zimeng and others have performed well, and have initially become the strength to compete with the South Korean team.This week is the International Ice Federation National Team competition day. The Beijing Sport University Kunlun Hongxing team in the off-season of the “Silk Road Cup” rushed to South Korea to participate in the Heritage Cup competition with the support of the China Ice Association.The venue is located in the Jiangling Hockey Center, which is also the venue for the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics hockey game.In the first match of the two teams on February 7, Beijing University of Sport Kunlun Hongxing had captain Zhou Kelin scored a 4-3 victory over South Korea in overtime.Fighting again yesterday, the North Star Kunlun Hongxing lost to the South Korean team 2 to 4 and won 1 win and 1 loss in the two games.In the battle against South Korea, Honglun Hongxing of the Beijing University of Sports has 1 win and 1 loss.The strength of this South Korean team cannot be underestimated. Nearly half of the players have a record of playing in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The other players are the new forces that have emerged in recent years. Nearly three-quarters of the players on behalf of the Korean team participatedWorld Championships in the past two years.The South Korean team is currently ranked 17th in the world, ranking and strength above the Chinese team.Due to the regular season adjustment period, Beijing University of Sports Kunlun Hongxing sent goals made by Chinese players and North American Chinese.The Korean team in the two wars has exactly the same game.The Beilun University Kunlun Hongxing team started slowly, allowing the opponent to quickly score two goals.In the first game, the Beijing University of Sports Kunlun Hongxing reversed through overtime, but yesterday the second game gradually completed the reversal.In the “Silk Road Cup” competition with the Russian team, the Beijing University of Sport Kunlun Hongxing team is obviously in a weak position, so the team has developed a set of ability to attack and kill opponents by speed and counterattack.But in the face of the neighboring South Korean team, the team’s speed advantage is no longer obvious.Once the opponent shrinks and defends, the shortcomings of the Beijing University of Sport Kunlun Hongxing’s insufficient positional combat ability are exposed.After the first defeat, South Korea coach Bai Zhishan stepped up his defense and allowed the Beijing University of Sports Kunlun Hongxing to lose in the second game.Because the Chinese men ‘s ice hockey team ranks too low, it is difficult for Yingrudyu to have a chance to play against the South Korean team.In these two encounters, the young Chinese players have gained a lot and performed very well. Ying Rudy scored in both games and Zhang Zesen also contributed assists.Being able to break through the goal guarded by the best goalkeeper of Group A of the World Championships in 2019, Dalton (South Korean naturalized player), is also a very rare experience for Ying Rudy.In addition to local players, Chinese players such as Mai Jinwen, Yuan Junjie, Zhou Kelin, and Walchick also performed well in the game.

FIFA’s latest ranking-Brazil returns to the first national football after 7 years, rises 5 places, Asia still ranks 9th

FIFA latest ranking: Brazil returns to the first national football after 7 years, rises 5 places, Asia still ranks 9th
On the afternoon of April 6th, Beijing time, FIFA announced the latest world ranking of men’s football.Brazil’s national team returned to the world’s first throne after seven years, and Argentina gave up the top spot.Switzerland rose by two places to the top 10.The Chinese Men’s Football Team defeated South Korea 1-0 in the World Preliminaries and rose 5 places to 81st place.  In the World Preliminaries on March 28th, Brazil defeated Paraguay 3-0 at home and locked the tickets for the 2018 World Cup 4 rounds in advance, becoming the first national team to advance to the 2018 World Cup in addition to the host Russia.With the wonderful performance of the World Preliminaries, the Brazilian team rose by one place, and once again took the FIFA World No. 1 throne after 7 years!  Among the top 10 teams, Germany and Chile still maintain 3-4 positions. In March, Colombia, which had a two-game winning streak, rose to fifth place, and Belgium fell two places to seventh place.6th France, 8th Portugal, and 10th Spain remain unchanged.  In the AFC, Iran ranks 28th in the world and is the leader in Asia.South Korea ranks 43rd, Japan ranks 44th, Australia ranks 50th, Saudi Arabia ranks 52nd, Uzbekistan ranks 60th, UAE ranks 74th, and Syria ranks 80th.The Chinese team is still the 9th in Asia. The only difference is that Qatar is overtaken by the national football team, but Syria is ranked higher than the national football team.  In the previous ranking, the national football team was 86th in the world and 9th in Asia, ranking lower than the small countries of Central and North America and the Caribbean, Saint Kitts and Nevis.Saint Kitts and Nevis ranked 73rd in the previous FIFA rankings, and this ranking is only 4.A small country with a population of 60,000 dropped 26th, ranking 99th, surpassed by the national football team.

[Learn to make casserole rice noodles]_How to do_How to do

[Learn to make casserole rice noodles]_How to do_How to do

Casserole rice noodles is a kind of food with Yunnan characteristics. When making casserole rice noodles, you can add various ingredients according to your own taste, such as pork, mushrooms, fungus, pea tips, green vegetables, bean sprouts, crab sticks and so on.

Of course, the method of casserole rice noodles is also various. Different methods require different skills.

The following is a detailed introduction to the practice and nutritional value of casserole rice noodles!

Method 1: Prepare ingredients: Yunnan rice noodles, pork (also chicken), mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, fungus, bamboo shoots, pea tips (can be replaced by other vegetable leaves), chicken soup (other soup stock), ginger, The right amount of salt.

Production step 1: Put rice noodles (my semi-dry rice noodles) in boiling water and turn off the fire for about 20 minutes (cannot cook).

2. After the bamboo shoots are boiled in the boiling water pot for about five minutes, remove them and rinse with water.

3. Cut extremely thin pieces of pork (people who can eat fat can use pork belly); wash the pea tips; tear small pieces of fungus; tear small pieces of oyster mushrooms; slice all mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and ginger.

4. After the chicken soup is boiled, add ginger slices, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, bamboo shoots, fungus, salt, and boil for ten to twenty minutes after boiling. Remove the pot from the fire and the soup is ready to use.

5. Serving the required amount of soup, mix the vegetables into a small casserole, boil over high heat, lay the appropriate amount of rice noodles and lay a piece of pork, blanch the scallops immediately after simmering, and then lower the pea tips and stir well.

6, serve with a pot and serve.

Method 2: Prepare ingredients: dry rice noodles, greens, tofu skin, green bean sprouts, broth, quail eggs, two crab sticks, and glutinous rice dumplings, salt, and chicken essence. Step 1.

Wash the greens, tofu skin, and green sprouts for later use.

Quail eggs are cooked and peeled.


Cut the two sticks of crab sticks and prepare for use.


Prepare the noodles for future use.


Add salt broth to the casserole and place on the fire. Add vegetables, bean sprouts, and tofu skin, each with an appropriate amount of quail eggs, two crab sticks, two wrappers, and an appropriate amount of rice noodles. After boiling, add chicken essence and serve.

Nutritional value enhances the body’s immunity: the active ingredients of mushrooms enhance the function of T lymphocytes, thereby improving the body’s immunity against various diseases; analgesia and sedation: a Brazilian study extracted a substance from mushrooms that has analgesic and sedative propertiesIt is said that its analgesic effect can replace morphine; Cough and phlegm: Mushroom extracts have been used in animal experiments and found to have obvious antitussive and thin sputum effects; Laxative detoxification: Mushrooms contain substances that are difficult for the human body to digestCrude fiber, semi-crude fiber and lignin can maintain the intestinal water balance, eliminate the absorption of the remaining plasma, sugar, and excrete it out of the body, which is very beneficial to prevent constipation, bowel cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, etc.

[Oatmeal in the morning or evening]_Recommended diet

I am afraid that I will be able to get married and have a good time. I am going to marry the wind and the wind, and I will marry it. It ‘s a lot of troubles: it ‘s very difficult to do it, it ‘s very difficult to do it, it ‘s not so good.淮鐢熺礌锛岄€傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涗笉浣嗘湁鍑忚偉鐨勪綔鐢紝杩樿兘澶熶績杩涘績鑴戣绠$殑鍋ュ悍锛岀嚂In the meantime, you will be able to find out what is going on, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it?槸鏅氫笂鍚冿紵鎴戜滑鏉ョ湅涓嬭繖鏂归潰鐨勫唴瀹广€傜嚂楹﹂ギ椋熺殑绂佸繉寰堝皯锛屾棭涓婂悆鍜屾櫄涓婂悆閮芥槸鍙互鐨勶紝鐕曢害涔熻兘澶熷鍔犺偁鑳冪殑锠曞姩锛岃繖鏍峰浜庤剛鑲殑鍚告敹浼氶潪甯稿ソ锛岃兘澶熶績杩涗唬璋㈢殑鍔熻兘锛岃兘澶熷彇寰楅潪甯稿ソ鐨勫噺鑲ョ殑鏁堟灉锛岀嚂楹︽槸涓€绉嶇矖绮紝閲岄溃瀵屽惈鑶抽绾ょ淮锛岀儹阅忎笉楂忎笉镶犻亡镄勪綔鐢ㄣ€備竴澶╀箣璁″湪浜庢櫒锛屾棭鏅ㄧ殑鏃跺€欓€傚綋鐨勫悆浜涚嚂楹︼紝鍏锋湁棰勯槻鎰熷啋鐨勪綔鐢紝鑳藉澧炲姞韬綋鐨勮惀鍏伙紝瀵逛簬鎻愰珮鍏嶇柅鍔涙柟闈篃鑳藉彂鎸ュ緢濂界殑鍔熸晥锛屽挨鍏舵槸鑳藉闄嶄綆鑳嗗浐閱囩殑鍚噺锛岃繖瀵逛簬棰勯槻蹇冭剳琛€绠$柧鐥呰兘澶熷彂鎸ュ緢濂界殑鏁堟灉銆傜嚂楹﹁繕链変竴瀹氱殑Stubble, stubborn, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful儹閲忛潪甯哥殑浣庯紝鍑犱箮娌℃湁鑴傝偑锛岄€傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涜兘澶熷鍔犺偁鑳冪殑锠曞姩锛屽湪棰勯槻In the meantime, the chain has been linked to the whole world, and the world is always in trouble. It ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s happening in the world.紝鍦ㄩ闃插ぇ鑲犵檶鏂归潰鐨勪綔鐢ㄩ潪甯哥殑濂姐€備互涓婄畝鍗曚簡瑙d簡鐕曢害鏃╀笂鍚冭繕鏄櫄涓婂悆锛岀嚂楹﹀彲浠ユ棭涓婂悆涔熷彲浠ユ櫄涓婂悆锛屽挨鍏跺彲浠ュ綋鍋氭棭椁愭潵椋熺敤锛屾槸闈炲父濂界殑鏃╅椋熷搧锛屼笉浣嗗叿鏈夊緢濂界殑鍑忚偉鐨勪綔鐢紝杩樿兘澶熻ˉ鍏呬汉浣撶殑钀ュ吇锛岃ˉ鍏呯淮鐢熺礌鍜屽井閲忓厓绱狅紝閫傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涜繕鍏锋湁缇庡鍏婚鎺掓瘨鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?

[How to mix sauerkraut stuffing?】 _How to mix_How to mix

涓嶇鏄寘瀛愯繕鏄ズ瀛愶紝鐜板湪鍒朵綔鐨勮姳鏍烽兘闈炲父澶氾紝鏈€涓昏鐨勪笉鍚岃〃鐜板湪閲岄潰鐨勯鍎匡紝鐜板浠婏紝浜轰滑浼氭妸鍚勭鍚勬牱鐨勮倝绫讳互鍙婇鏉愬墎纰庝箣鍚庡寘鍦ㄥ寘瀛愭垨鑰呴ズ瀛愰噷闈紝杩欐牱鍚冭捣鏉ュ懗閬撻潪甯稿ソ锛屼粖澶╀粙缁嶇殑鏄礌閰歌彍棣咃紝涓嶇鍋氬寘瀛愯繕鏄ズ瀛愶紝閮藉彲浠ュ仛杩欑棣咃紝绱犻吀鑿滈鐨勫埗浣滄柟娉曞涓嬨€傜礌閰歌彍棣呮€庝箞鎷岋紵鍜岄潰锛屽皢闈㈢矇鍜屾垚鍏夋粦鐨勭‖闈㈠洟锛岄啋20鍒嗛挓銆傞吀鑿滅敤娓呮按娲椾袱娆℃敟骞层€佸墎纰庛€傝懕銆佸鍓佺銆傚喕璞嗚厫绋嶆敟涓€涓嬶紝鍒囩墖銆佸垏涓濇渶鍚庡垏鎴愪竵銆傜矇鏉℃斁鍏ラ攨鍐咃紝鍔犳按鐑у紑鍏崇伀锛屽湪閿呭唴闂?5鍒嗛挓鍚庯紝寰呯矇鏉$啛锛屾崬鍑哄噳姘磋繃鍑夊垏纰庛€傛妸鍑嗗濂界殑椋熸潗鏀惧叆鍚屼竴鐩嗗唴锛屽姞鍏ラ€傞噺浣愭枡锛岃懕銆佸銆佽姳妞掔矇銆佺洂銆侀浮绮俱€侀叡娌广€佹补鎼呮媽鍧囧寑銆傛弶闈紝闈㈡鏀句竴浜涜杽闈紝灏嗛啋濂界殑闈㈡弶鎴愰暱闈㈠墏锛岀劧鍚庣敤鎵嬫彧鎴栫敤鍒€鍒囨垚鍧囧寑鐨勫皬闈㈠墏銆傚皢灏忛潰鍓傛弶鎴愬渾鍥紝鐢ㄦ墜鍘嬫墎锛岀户鑰屾搥鎴愰ズ瀛愮毊銆傛搥楗哄瓙鐨椂锛屼腑闂寸◢鍘氫簺杈圭紭钖勭偣涓哄ソ銆傚寘楗哄瓙锛岀毊涓棿鏀鹃€傞噺鐨勯ズ瀛愰锛屽鍥撅紝鍏堟崗涓棿锛屽啀鍒嗗埆鎹忎袱绔€傜叜楗哄瓙锛屾按鐑у紑鍚庝笅楗哄瓙锛岃涓€杈圭叜涓€杈圭敤鍕哄瓙鎼呭姩鑰屼笖瑕侀『鐫€涓€涓柟鍚戯紝璁╅ズ瀛愮Щ鍔ㄨ捣鏉ヤ笉瑕佺矘鍦ㄩ攨搴曘€傚緟姘村紑璧凤紝楗哄瓙閮芥诞鍦ㄦ按锛岀敤鍕烘崬鍙栦竴涓ズ瀛愶紝鐢ㄦ墜鎸囪交杞绘寜涓€涓嬫湁楗哄瓙棣呯殑鍦版柟锛屾寜涓嬮┈涓婂張鎭㈠鍘熸牱鐨勶紝璇佹槑楗哄瓙宸茬粡鐔熶簡銆傚彲浠ユ崬鍑哄嵆椋熶簡銆傞吀鑿滅礌棣呴ゼ鐨勫仛娉曟楠?The song is so beautiful, it ‘s a good thing, it ‘s a good thing, it ‘s a good thing, it ‘s a good place, it ‘s a show, it ‘s a show, it ‘s a place, it ‘s a place, it ‘s a place, it ‘s a place, it ‘s a place, it ‘s a place, it ‘s a place for youAre you scared?Do you want to know what you are doing? 6 What do you mean?Do you want to make a difference? 8 Do you want to forge a book?鍙栭潰鍥紝鍒嗘垚澶у皬鍧囧寑鐨勫皬鍧楋紝鎼撳渾锛屾寜鎵侊紝鎿€鎴愯杽鐗囷紝鍖呮垚鍖呭瓙鍨嬮楗肩敓鍧?0 闱 ㈡ 浈 嬶 嬶 咸 厸 压 厎 埀 厧 厧 啧啧 啧 啾 鍨 叧 嬧?1 箳 殳 飱  麩 欩 笂 铌 哊 呯 呧 囧 囧 囧 叧 尛 阃?2濂戒簡灏忕獚闂ㄧ敤楗奸摏鐓庤嚦瀹氬瀷鍚庣敤閿呯洊鐩栦竴浼氬効锛岃繖鏍峰仛鍑烘潵鐨勯楗兼洿杞€?

People should be guarded by old age


People should be guarded by old age

When people reach old age, the functions of various organs of the body will be degraded. The best organ is the same as the throat. If you don’t pay attention to protect the scorpion, if it is too much, it will be hoarse and dull.

銆€銆€The larynx is the most important organ of importance.

At the time of attention, the vocal cords are displaced to the midline, the glottis is closed, the airflow exhales the impact vocal cords from the lungs, and the sound is emitted. Then, through the resonance of the larynx, pharynx, nasal cavity and chest cavity, and the coordination of the lips and teeth, it is issued.Different sounds.

The length, thickness, tension and elasticity of the vocal cords play a decisive role in the best.

The laryngeal mucosa of the elderly is atrophy, the nervous system control ability of the larynx is reduced, and the vocal cords are aging. The reduction of the vocal cords and the number of fibers reduces the elasticity of the vocal cord muscles and the exercise capacity is poor. Therefore, the volume becomes small, the appropriateness is weak, the sound quality is degraded, and the lack of sound is suppressed.

銆€銆€Hoarseness is a common symptom of vocal diseases. In general, it is caused by acute annihilation of the larynx, laryngeal tuberculosis, vocal cord masses such as polyps, nodules, benign and malignant tumors of the throat, and mental and neurological factors.

It is worth noting that hoarseness sometimes becomes an early sign of tumors in the lungs, esophagus and mediastinum.

Because the tumors in these parts oppress the recurrent laryngeal nerve, and the recurrent laryngeal nerve is the motor nerve, the oppressed will cause hoarseness. Therefore, those who are over 50 years old and continue to have hoarseness for more than one month should be vigilant and timely check.

銆€銆€To delay the aging of the voice, we must first prevent respiratory diseases.

To avoid talking loudly at both ends, you should drink plenty of water, eat less spicy and irritating food, eat lighter, cool food and eat vitamin C, E food, pay attention to indoor environment and hygiene, and prevent indoor dryness.

Drinking honey actually induces breast hyperplasia?


Is honey a healthy natural enemy or a health magic weapon?

Drinking honey actually induces breast hyperplasia?
Is honey a healthy natural enemy or a health magic weapon?

Some time ago, Xiao Bian saw a news saying that “a couple, because of drinking honey water every day, both suffer from breast hyperplasia.”

From the small love of Xiao Xiaobian, I was scared to lose the spoon in my hands.

The spoon is put down, can face the favorite honey, or do not give up: from childhood, only listen to people say “honey is treasure”, how have you heard that it will lead to breast hyperplasia?

Doubt about the news, eat a small series of years of reluctance to give up, decided to check.

Why do 9 of 10 women have lobular hyperplasia?

Studies have shown that 25?
About 70% of modern women aged 45?
80% have different degrees of breast hyperplasia, of which lobular hyperplasia is the most common, and every 10 women, about 9 can have different degrees of lobular hyperplasia.

Note: breast pain, cystic hyperplasia of the breast, lobular hyperplasia of the breast, collectively referred to as breast hyperplasia.

The cause of the disease lies in 2 points: 1 imbalance of endocrine hormone metabolism; 2 long-term depression, excessive mood swings.

Emotional fluctuations, women of every age, but changes in living habits have indeed led to the imbalance of endocrine hormone metabolism in modern women: 1, the diet structure from “fruit belly” to “enjoy the appetite”: improved living standards, includingImpurities, high-protein food residue staple food, this kind of food, just the raw material of synthetic hormones; 2, excessive absorption of estrogen: many cosmetics, contraceptives, all contain estrogen, long-term imbalance of hormone levels in the body;The rumors of induced hyperplasia of the breast are basically based on “there are hormones in honey that cause endocrine imbalance.”

Is there any estrogen in honey?

In order to verify whether there is any hormone in the honey, Xiaobian specially asked Dr. Bai, the research and development room of the Grain Mill.

After graduating from Guangzhou Medical University, she specializes in food science for many years and asked her to be right.

“The main ingredients of natural honey are water and glucose, as well as vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that are very beneficial to nutrition.

“The royal jelly does contain sex hormones, but ordinary honey is hormone-free.”

A common misunderstanding is to mistake the flavonoids in honey as the progesterone-progesterone secreted during pregnancy.

“When finished, Dr. Bai also succinctly wants to give the land to the small editors of the difference between progesterone and total flavonoids: women who drink honey correctly will not cause breast hyperplasia since there is no hormone, rumors will not break.

But when I think of the news that “the husband and wife drink honey water every day, both suffer from breast hyperplasia”, Xiao Bian still has some doubts.

“Now many merchants use hormones in the process of bees to make honey for the increase of honey. Long-term consumption of this honey does not rule out health problems.
Therefore, drinking is very important!

” 1.

In the distance channel, buy the honey: honey is a treasure, is a pure natural nutrition, but it is really pure, not artificial blending.

Eating fake honey is not good for health; 2.

Learn to see the test report: genuine honey, all need to be sent to the authoritative testing agency for inspection.

Want to know if honey is added manually, you can see “whether it contains sugar sugar”; want to know the nutritional value of honey, you can see the “amylase”, “total flavonoids” value;

You can eat every day, but you need to control the dosage: ordinary people can insist on taking honey for a long time, and they won’t get diabetes. It is better for adults to take 25 grams a day. If you have already eaten a small amount of sugar on the day, you should reduce it. If the diet is light, thenCan increase the amount of food.


Women drink less royal jelly, breast hyperplasia patients, pregnant women, children, fasting royal jelly: royal jelly does contain sex hormones, women should drink less, so as not to cause estrogen secretion disorder; breast hyperplasia patients, pregnant women, children are not recommended to eat royal jelly.