Healthy detoxification and thin waist in addition to standing up to stand 20 pounds


Healthy detoxification and thin waist in addition to standing up to stand 20 pounds

Today, many women have the interference of constipation.

In fact, constipation simply damages your health and is about to destroy your body.

Now teach everyone how to eliminate constipation and thin waist.

銆€銆€The formation of the stool 1: The banquet of the white-collar workers who have been buried in the air-conditioned room for a long time after work has become the most troublesome thing.

Nowadays, the taste of spicy meat and spicy crayfish makes the white-collar workers dying.

銆€銆€Analysis: An apple swallowed from the mouth and reached the colon within 9 hours. After staying for 16 hours to absorb water, 50% of it was discharged in 24 hours and all were discharged in 48 hours.

Fruits blended with fiber still take 2 days to recover, not to mention the spicy meat products with low fiber transfer, which become attractive and eaten. After entering the body, they gradually affect the normal peristalsis of interaction and stay in the body., the stool will naturally form.

銆€銆€Scenario 2: The intense and fast-paced work makes some people have almost no time to go to the toilet. Because they intentionally or unintentionally do not defecate, the full-bodied dry goods hoard the body and gradually lose the urge to dispel.

銆€銆€Analysis: Primary movement is controlled by autonomic nerves.

If artificially suppressed, it will violate the laws of nature, and if there are more suppressions, then it can only be used in the body to flood.

銆€銆€The self-test defecation condition of the stool is an important indicator of whether the internal work is 鈥渄edicated鈥?

If you meet the following criteria, you will not have a lot of stools in your body.

銆€銆€The number of bowel movements: no more than 3 times a day; more than 3 times a week.

銆€銆€Stool weight: The note is 2-3 cm in diameter and 15 cm in length, weighing about 100 grams.

銆€銆€Stool color: yellow or yellow brown for health.

Usually, the convenience of the free radicals is slightly lighter, while the color of the meat is often brown.

銆€銆€The best shape: the shape of the stool should be banana shape.

The water content of the stool is 70-80%.

The surface area exceeds 70%, and it is round or hard, and it is easy to be constipated. If the amount of accumulation is too much, it is more than 80%, and it becomes a semi-paste or mud, which is diarrhea.

銆€銆€Stool smell: abnormal smell is often the obvious basis for the deterioration of the intestinal environment.

High-protein foods may be stinking and stench; while intermediates, such as indigestion, are pungent sour.

銆€銆€Defecation time: between 5-10 minutes.

銆€銆€Clearance of the stool 1.

The principle of drinking ice milk on an empty stomach to drink ice milk on an empty stomach is because cold stimulation accelerates the interaction movement; at the same time, milk contains a lot of lactose, and more than 50% of Chinese people lack the lactase required for milk absorption.

So after drinking milk, lactose enters the colon without digestion and is quickly excreted.


Eating black fungus-assisted massage Black fungus is a very good intestine food, and the air-dried black fungus swells when it meets water, which will bring more moisture to each other.

However, for those who have difficulty in defecation, it is very difficult to eat a black fungus to solve the stool, unless there is an auxiliary exercise, such as abdominal massage.

The method of massage is: lying flat, taking the navel as the center, slowly massage the entire lower abdomen for 3-5 minutes in the interval of 20 cm in diameter, and insist on it every day, there will be certain effect.


Drinking honey in the morning, honey contains more sugar, which can absorb the body’s water in the intestinal lumen, which is good for defecation.

Especially when eating on an empty stomach can speed up the resonance creep.

However, it is worth reminding that the optimum water temperature for brewing honey is around 60 掳C. Too hot or too cold water will destroy the nutritional structure of honey.


Do not forget to eat apples in the apples every day, the cellulose content is higher than the average fruit, and some pectin contained in the apple helps the stool to become soft, which is very helpful for defecation.

However, for those who have more serious problems, the effect of eating apples and clearing the intestines will not be obvious.

銆€銆€DIY DIY electrolyte balance solution salt 200 ml plus water to 3000 ml, and then drink once every two or three minutes, when drinking 1000 ml, the abdomen will have a slight swelling feeling; when drinking 1400 ml, the stomach is fullThe sense of swelling is intensified, accompanied by mild nausea; when drinking 1800 ml, the series creep is gradually obvious; when drinking 2000 ml, it will usually occur after drinking, and the drinking can be stopped.

銆€銆€Subsequently, there will be a bowel movement every 2-4 minutes. At the beginning, there will be watery stools. The amount will be large. Afterwards, the stool will gradually turn into a light yellow watery stool. There is no obvious smell, the abdominal distension is gradually relieved, the body is smooth, and there is fatigue.銆€銆€The entire bowel process is completed in 1 hour.

There is usually no stool in the first 1-2 months after the bowel is removed, and the bowel movement can be restored as usual on the third day.

If a similar bowel movement can be carried out once every six months, then you can say ByeBye with the body’s stool.

銆€銆€The above method is used to make the inertial contents clear and empty, without causing dehydration and abdominal pain, and the effect of clearing the intestine is obvious and relatively safe.

However, if you are serious, you may want to take a look at it. I am afraid that the effect of clearing the intestine will be discounted.

Summer is easy to sleep and eat more acid can make up


Summer is easy to sleep and eat more acid can make up

In the summer, the night is short, the morning is very bright, and it is dark in the evening. Coupled with the relationship of sunshine, everyone is very easy to sleep.

Chinese medicine believes that “summer gas and heart gas pass”, Lixia health care pay attention to “resting”, so the diet should increase acid and reduce suffering, more jealous to help make up.

銆€銆€First, the diet is sour and refreshing. After the summer, the weather becomes hot, people will feel irritated and the appetite will decline.

Experts said that the principle of Lixia’s diet is “increasing acid and reducing bitterness, nourishing the kidney and helping the liver, and nourishing the stomach.”

After the summer, pay attention to heat and dampness, and benefit from heat and heat.

Specifically, the diet should be light, easy to digest, the food of the previous vitamins, the big fish and the greasy spicy food should be eaten less.

銆€銆€In addition, due to “summer gas and heart-to-heart”, the summer five internal organs are soft, the heart is cool, and the acid should be eaten.

At the same time, keep a good mood and avoid anger and sadness.

銆€銆€Second, increase the nap for winter disease Most white-collar workers like to stay up late and do not have a nap habit, after the summer, the sunshine time is extended, the day is early, black is late.

Therefore, people’s daily routine should be adjusted accordingly. When following the principle of getting up early and getting up early, it is best to increase the nap at noon, so that the brain and the whole body system can rest in time to eliminate fatigue and maintain sufficient energy.

At the same time, Chinese medicine pays attention to the winter disease and summer treatment also enters the season, especially patients with suture compression and rhinitis can be treated with Chinese medicine and acupuncture after the summer.

銆€銆€So when it comes to summer health, we have to adjust our diet to help our body get better and better.

Summer low temperature health anti-aging and beauty


Summer low temperature health anti-aging and beauty

In the summer, low temperature health is anti-decay and beauty. We need to know the essence of health care. Let’s discuss it together here. Seeing that the weather is getting hotter every day, we take off heavy clothes early.

Various cold drinks are also listed on our purchase list.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€灏嗚嫻鏋滆棌鍦ㄥ啺绠遍噷锛屼袱涓夊ぉ鍚庝緷鐒堕矞缇庡鍒濄€侾utting people in the refrigerator will have the same freshness effect and delay aging?

Although it is only a joke, the “low temperature regimen” is a treasure of Chinese medicine.

In spring and summer, in May, start with the details to practice it.

銆€銆€The purpose of “low temperature regimen” is to maintain a relatively low temperature state in order to reduce the rate of cellular metabolism and to delay the aging.

Human life activities work in accordance with the consumption law of “life energy”. A person’s “life energy” is limited, and the end of life is drawn, so the faster the consumption, the shorter the life span; while the low temperature health canInstead of the “life energy” consumption speed, it will be slower and slower, so that the water will flow long, the health will be guaranteed, and the life will be extended.

This is why people living in the cold zone have an average lifespan of 10-30 years longer than that of the tropics. Georgia, with a total population of only 5 million, has more than 2,000 birthday stars over the age of 100.surroundings.

銆€銆€Ranked in the male group, women need “low temperature health”.

Because women are yin, they cannot be inseparable from the nourishment of “yin liquid”, including all liquid substances in women, such as saliva, blood, digestive juice, tears, vaginal secretions, etc.

Especially 20?
Women between the ages of 40, if the Yin fluid is not properly maintained, can cause physical discomfort and affect the health of a lifetime.

Moreover, women are prone to yin deficiency like Liao Liao, with palm, heart, heart and fever; and “low temperature health” reduces body temperature, yin can be maintained, restore yin and yang balance, yin deficiency caused discomfortIt will gradually disappear until it disappears.

銆€銆€Do you know that when cooking temperatures such as fish and meat reach 250 掳C, do polycyclic aromatic carcinogens appear?

Do you know that when the cooking temperature of starch, cake and other starchy foods reaches 120 掳C, the polyamide amide content will increase greatly?

銆€銆€Low-temperature cooking can reduce the incidence of carcinogens during high-temperature cooking, and can also reduce the harmful substances caused by various fatal diseases such as arteriosclerosis, diseases, strokes, etc., which are produced by high-temperature cooking at 33%-40%, and save food instead.The vitamins and other nutrients in it can be described as three-fold.

However, if the food is not cultivated organically or without medicine, low-temperature cooking should not be too low.

銆€銆€There are bacteria or parasites remaining in different degrees in daily food. Some parasite larvae can survive for at least 5 minutes in an environment above 70 掳C. It is difficult to kill certain worms.

In the health stage, it is first necessary to ensure the safety of the diet.