3 gold points, legs, weight loss, one step in place


3 gold points, legs, weight loss, one step in place

Everyone wants a pair of slender legs, but it is easy to get thicker.

Do you think your legs are too thick?

In fact, the weight loss of the leg is only to find three golden points. There is no extra meat in the mini-skirt. The most striking part is the part, especially the muscles above the upper part are more conspicuous.

銆€銆€If there are extra aunts here, then the legs must be short and thick, so be sure to tighten them here.

Many people are troubled by their own big bones, which is actually a misunderstanding.

Most people are temporarily stacked due to the dislocation of the knee joint.

銆€銆€Gold point 2 feet are unusually slender and tight. No matter how the thighs and calves are aligned, if the feet are not aligned tightly, the legs still have no sense of line, and the thighs and calves are even the same thickness, as long as the feet are slender.There will still be beautiful lines.

The thickness of the toes is not determined by the size of the bone.

Originally, it is not easy to accumulate feces at the toes, but due to lack of exercise, plus edema, etc., for a long time, there will be accumulation of feces at the toes.

銆€銆€Gold point 3 The most thick position of the calves is high. If the legs are long, the legs will be thin, so if the legs look longer, the legs will be thinner.

The key to the leg length is the position of the thickest part of the calf. If this position is high, it can miraculously make the leg of the lower leg long.

The radish legs we often say are such a beautiful leg shape.

Summer health, organic first

Summer health, “organic” first

The pointer to time has already pointed to the summer, and summer health has become the main topic of public discussion.
With the abuse of various hormones and fertilizers in the process of planting fruits and vegetables, the advent of the “low-nutrition food era” is unpredictable.
At the same time, organic vegetables that do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones and other chemicals during the planting process are increasingly becoming the first choice for consumers.
銆€銆€Health in the summer, “organic” first.
銆€銆€It is three or four times more expensive than ordinary vegetables. There are still many tomatoes and cucumbers that return to the market for more than ten kilograms. If placed in the general farmer’s market stalls, most people may be scared away by such high prices.
However, in the BHG supermarket, which has two floors in the water city, such vegetables do not have no market.
銆€銆€Yesterday morning, the reporter met Ms. Xu, who is buying organic vegetables at Planck’s organic vegetable counter at BHG Supermarket.
A bag of small green vegetables and 2 tomatoes, spent about 10 yuan for Ms. Xu.
銆€銆€鈥淐ompared to the average dish, the retail price of organic vegetables may be three or four times more expensive, but the taste is really different and eaten healthier.
Ms. Xu told reporters about the small green vegetables in her hand. In the summer, the pests were more serious. She worried that there would be pesticide residues in the small green vegetables in the farmer’s market, but organic vegetables would not be pesticides. This alone made her feel relieved.
銆€銆€According to Song Ning, general manager of Planck Electronics Co., Ltd., after nearly 10 years of development, the Planck brand organic vegetables have been cultivated in tens of thousands of specialty stores in 10 farmer’s markets such as Weigang and Lanyuan.Faithful organic vegetable “diners”.
“In addition to the BHG supermarket that is stationed in Shuiyou City, Planck’s organic vegetables can also be purchased at some stores in Suguo Supermarket.
I hope that through our efforts, more consumers can accept organic vegetables.
“General Song said.
銆€銆€Beneficial mineral content, organic vegetables should be more than 25% higher. Maybe everyone will have this feeling. Now many vegetables in the farmer’s market look like flowers and eat like wood residue.
“One of the most important reasons for this is that many vegetable farmers, driven by economic interests, have broken the traditional fertilization method and made the soil salinization appear.
The relevant person in charge of the Nanjing Guohuan Organic Product Certification Center said that in the process of planting organic vegetables, chemical substances such as pesticides, fertilizers and growth hormones are not used, and the contents of antioxidants, vitamins and various beneficial minerals are higher than ordinary.Vegetables are 25% higher.
銆€銆€The reporter learned through the network that a 10-year study in the United States found that the content of antioxidant flavonoids in organic tomatoes is almost twice that of tomatoes grown with inorganic fertilizers, while antioxidant flavonoids can fight heart disease and high.Blood pressure and stroke.
銆€銆€According to experts from the Jinling Medical Center of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, if you insist on eating organic vegetables every day during the summer season, you can satisfy the body’s demand for various nutrients while eliminating the harmful effects of various harmful substances caused by eating ordinary vegetables.The incidence of diseases such as heat syndrome and anorexia that are predisposed in summer.
銆€銆€Buy organic vegetables, preferred formal brand stores For organic vegetables and ordinary vegetables with similar appearance, how do people choose organic vegetables?
In this regard, the quality inspection department reminds consumers that the first thing can be based on taste.
Organic vegetables are crisper to eat, and even after cooking, there will be a different taste.
Secondly, it is best to choose a regular organic vegetable brand store to buy, or go to a large supermarket dedicated brand counter to buy, so that quality can be guaranteed.
銆€銆€Finally, the organic vegetable packaging will be certified by the Organic Food Development Center of the State Environmental Protection Administration. When consumers purchase, pay attention to the certification mark.
銆€銆€Our reporter Cao Lizhen

Three reasons for OL to drink tea


Three reasons for OL to drink tea

Every day, I have to face the computer. If my eyes are healthy for a long time, I will inevitably experience fatigue and dryness.

Even if you are not nearsighted, you should always pay attention to brewing this drink. It is very helpful for long-term use of the computer caused by sore eyes, fatigue, vision loss and so on.

銆€銆€[Recommended tea]10 chrysanthemums, 5 golden lotuses, 5 grams of cassia seed, 3 grams of medlar, boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

銆€銆€Chrysanthemums are the first choice for computer families who often feel dry eyes.

Chrysanthemum clears heat and detoxifies, nourishes the liver and improves eyesight, makes the mind clear, bright eyes, especially for the liver, and has better curative effect with the eyes caused by excessive eye dryness.

Golden Lotus clears throat and nourishes the liver.

The efficacy of Cassia in the treatment of eye diseases is very significant.

Scorpion liver, kidney, eyesight, is a good food for nourishing yin and blood, can improve the fatigue caused by excessive use of the eye every day, while making the eyes moist and bright.

銆€銆€Reminder: Cassia has used eyesight since ancient times, but note that only the cassia that has been fired can be opened, and the hard state of life is stubborn and can not be opened.

Chinese pharmacies such as Tong Ren Tang have been sold with Cassia.

In addition, Cassia has also been known as a natural moisturizing agent, drinking a cup of cassia tea after dinner every day, can achieve the effect of eliminating oil and reducing the lower abdomen.

銆€銆€Radiation, the biggest enemy of the office, can’t be prevented because it is directly associated with a terrible word-cancer.

銆€銆€[Recommended tea]8 roses, 2 roselles, 2 grams of Gynostemma pentaphyllum, 2 grams of green tea, 90 掳 C water brewing 3-5 minutes can be anytime.

銆€銆€Gynostemma can counter electronic radiation.

Roselle is a strong antioxidant that protects against electronic radiation.

The tea polyphenols of green tea have strong antioxidant activity, can remove oxygen free radicals in the human body, thereby transforming into anti-radiation, enhancing the body’s immunity, and absorbing substances absorbed in the body, excreted through the urine.Improve or eliminate the harm of X-rays to the body.

Rose flower qi qi stagnation, blood and beauty, play a supporting role.

銆€銆€The most prominent symptoms of the office are constipation and shell acne. These are caused by air pollution, radiation and other multiple hazards. These two ills are lingering and many OL troubles.

銆€銆€[Recommended tea]5 grams of honeysuckle, 3 grams of lavender, 10 grams of licorice, 5 grams of honey, warm water for 5-10 minutes.

銆€銆€Honeysuckle detoxification, anti-inflammatory acne.

Lavender anti-inflammatory and acne, reduce fire and soothe the nerves, whiten and firm the skin, repair scars, promote metabolism, and promote scar healing.

Glycyrrhiza spleen and qi, clearing away heat and detoxification.

Needless to say, honey is known for its detoxification and beauty skin.

銆€銆€Related sub-health solutions: dry hair sputum in the eyes (lack of liver dysfunction, yang deficiency) eyes (continuous liver and kidney deficiency) eyes covered with red silk gradually increased (liver blood deficiency yang deficiency) eyes windy tears (hepatic can not converge)Eyes often feel weak and open, eyelids drooping (spleen deficiency) constipation or wind blowing grass is uncomfortable (insufficient coke gas, big gas injury) Yin deficiency constipation, chest troubles, often vomiting jaundice (yin deficiency) yang deficiency constipation, the body is not pleasing, easy to fatigue burden (yang qi) acne (stomach cold)