Six wonderful methods of using wind oil essence health care


Six wonderful methods of using wind oil essence health care

Because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, it is a home-based, travel-preserving health medicine.

Initially, it has been found to have new uses through scientific research and clinical verification.


Treatment of abdominal pain: the number of wind oil drops in the navel (Shenzhen acupoint), external use of wet and painkiller cream or ordinary tape covering, can eliminate the cold and analgesic effect.

This method is particularly effective for cold abdominal pain caused by cold, overeating, and the like.


Treatment of burns: For small areas of mild burns, wind oil directly applied to the burned area, once every three to four hours.

This rule of law has obvious effects on scald and pain relief, and it is not easy to cause infection, no scarring, and no scar left after healing.


Treatment of ankle: clean the feet with warm water, dry, if there is blisters, you can first puncture it with a needle, then use cotton wool to absorb, then use the oil essence to rub the affected area once or twice a day, generallyIt will be effective in three or five days.


Treatment of mouth ulcers: After brushing your teeth, apply wind oil to the affected area twice a day. If you apply it again before going to sleep, the effect is better.


Treatment of sore throat: three to five drops of wind oil in the spoon, slowly swallow, you can work.

This method is also effective for sore throat caused by dry cough.


Treatment of hemorrhoids itch: Anyone caused by hemorrhoids, anal fissure, etc., first wash the affected area with warm water, then use the cotton hurricane oil essence to correct, rub around the anus, it will work.

It should be noted that the wind oil should not be used on the skin of the skin to prevent allergies, causing pigmentation and affecting the appearance of the face.

Because it contains camphor ingredients, it can affect the weight through the placenta, so the number of pregnant women.

Eat fruit to lose weight, the method is right to play with half the effort!

Eat fruit to lose weight, the method is right to play with half the effort!

In the steaming summer, the short skirts are covered with a halter, the long legs are quite waist and the small V face. The beautiful women who are graceful are squirting. As a fat paper, you can only be dejected, envy is futile, let yourself slim.A lightning bolt is the last word!

There are thousands of ways to lose weight, master some precautions, and you can do more with less!

銆€銆€1 It is best to eat fruit between two meals. It is best to eat between meals. If you want to lose weight, you can eat some fruit 20-40 minutes before eating, which can prevent obesity caused by excessive meals.

Eat fruit before meals, the possible fructose and glucose, can be quickly absorbed by the body, to meet the body’s urgent “craving” for energy, the crude fiber in the fruit can make the stomach feel full, which can reduce the food intake of the meal.
銆€銆€2 avoid fruits instead of vegetables, some people think that eating fruits will not gain weight, so eat too much, even use fruits instead of vegetables or staple foods.

The amount of minerals and vitamins in fruits is generally excessive, and the two types of cellulose are different.

If you don’t eat vegetables, relying on fruit alone is not enough to provide enough nutrients.

In addition, most fruits have a very low protein content of about 1%, and there are almost no essential fatty acids, which are far from satisfying the human body’s demand for protein and small amounts.

Therefore, fruits can only be used as supplemental nutrients and cannot be used as staple foods.

銆€銆€3 Fruits with high sugar content eat less fruits with high sugar content, which will make people gain weight!

Therefore, it is best to replace fruits with less than 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams of fruit: for example, watermelon, orange, grapefruit, peach, plum, pineapple, strawberry, tomato, etc. These fruits can provide 20-40 kcal per 100 grams.The energy, such as lychee, longan, durian, etc., these fruits will not increase the body’s excessive energy, so eat more.

For other fruits with high sugar content, don’t eat too much.

銆€銆€4 canned fruit can refuse to add canned sugar and preservatives in the process of processing canned fruit, which is harmful to the health of the body. The calorie canned fruit can be greatly improved, and the amount of vitamin C in the fruit is large when processing canned food.Loss, fiber reduction, greatly reduced weight loss.

銆€銆€5 consumption of fresh and clean fruits Fresh fruit with high vitamin content, weight loss will be more significant, so you need to provide a perfect storage environment for fruits.