2016 Snooker Crown Wins Higgins vs Murphy Live Video Recording Results 4-2

2016 Snooker Crown Wins Higgins vs Murphy Live Video Recording Results 4-2
On November 10, the 2016 Snooker Championship Championship Tournament continued, in the fourth semifinal, Higgins encountered a strong enemy Murphy, including Higgins in the third game 46 points and 0-77 behindAt the end of the show, a wonderful single game reversal was staged. Higgins finally defeated Murphy 4-2 and successfully advanced to the fourth group final.  Higgins won the Chinese Championships not long ago and was able to resume the finalist championship tournament. In the group semi-finals, his opponent was Murphy, who was only the 2016 Grand Prix champion.The two men played 21 crosses in their careers. Higgins had 12 wins and 9 losses. The most recent match between the two sides was the Daqing National Championship in 2015, when Higgins 6-0 zero Murphy.  In the first game, after the struggle in the opening stage, Murphy missed the mobile phone meeting consecutively. Higgins then obtained a chance through a long shot. 68 points in a single shot can lead the lead, after winning this game 1-0Lead.  In the second inning, Murphy was the first to get a mobile phone meeting, and the attack was interrupted after scoring 55 points.The safety ball competed for the Murphy cue ball to fall into the bag and directly leaked the chance of the red ball in the bag. Higgins scored the red ball to get started. After scoring 50 points, the last post was the red ball.After Murphy’s long table scored a red ball, he posted a black ball to make a snooker. Higgins made a penalty for the wrong ball. Murphy once again took the 1-1 draw.  In the third inning, Higgins left the opportunity to make mistakes, Murphy 26-0 racket attacking the bottom of the red bag failed to score.Higgins dropped the bag and missed the long table in the safety ball. Murphy scored the red ball and posted a green ball to make a snooker. In the solution, Higgins hit the pink ball with multiple consecutive shots.To the red ball, Murphy achieved a 77-0 lead.Higgins then started chasing two shots and scored 38 points to cause snooker. Murphy missed a shot and missed the ball. Higgins then cleared the game with a 90-77 reversal and won this round, leading 2-1 again.  In the fourth inning, Higgins left a long platform opportunity, Murphy’s attack was interrupted after 18 consecutive points.Higgins then started chasing points, and after scoring 39 points, the cue ball piled up for defense. Higgins then got another chance, 55-26 leading the racket and lost the top bag red ball.Murphy once again cleared the table with a shot to win this round, and the total score was tied 2-2.  In the fifth inning, Higgins scored a red ball through the long stage in the opening stage. Higgins made a defense after 3-1. Murphy missed the ball and missed the ball. Higgins got 37 points and the offense was interrupted.This round of safety ball is still surrounded by Higgins. After Murphy missed the ball again, Higgins scored this game with a single shot and came to the match point 3-2.In the 6th inning of Murphy vs Higgins in the 4th semi-final of the 2016 Snooker Championship, Higgins gained a chance through a precise bench, then posted a green ball to serve as a snooker, and Murphy leaked the ballWith a red ball at the bottom, Higgins’ offense was interrupted after 22-0.Murphy’s safety ball turnover left another chance, and Higgins again started with a 39-0 back pocket black turnover.In the battle defense, Higgins scored a red ball in the top bag, and then posted a basketball to aim at Snooker. Murphy hit the ball and hit the pink ball penalty and missed the ball. Higgins took the opportunity to take another shot and scored again.Under this game.Higgins finally defeated Murphy 4-2, taking the lead in the fourth group final of the championship.

[How to eat the bucket chicken]_Bucket chicken_How to do_Practice

It ‘s so cold, it ‘s so cold, and it ‘s a lot of fun. It ‘s so rough, it ‘s very rugged, it ‘s very rugged, it ‘s so rough, it ‘s so hot, it ‘s so good.竴涓棶棰橈紝鍥犱负鍙湁绾鐨勭編椋熸墠鑳藉寰楀埌鍠滄锛岃€屼笅闈㈠氨鏉ヤ簡瑙d竴涓嬫《瀛愰浮鐨勫仛娉曘€?1.姣嶉浮瀹版潃锛岀吅姣涳紝鍘诲唴鑴忥紝娲楀噣锛屽墎鍘荤埅锛屽幓鎺夌繀鑶€涓嬪崐鎴殑澶ч鑺傦紝浠庡彸鑶€涓嬪紑涓?.5 guillotine Zhenbeizhazhen chain Jing Lianbaoduohu o Renjiarongbao Yangzhanhenzu ㄦ He Juan Qun contravention is Rongbaoyangzhan Xinzu ㄦ He Juan Qun contravention forging Yan  adze Yue  Juan embarrassing NuanbangpishengPlastic ㄥ 洼 呬 嫴 鍦 2.鍐嶄粠鑴栧瓙鍚庡紑鍙o紝鍙栧嚭鍡夊泭锛屽啿娲楀共鍑€3.Sorry, you will have a good time. 4.邏  鐢 ㄧ Hanning is not a good place?5,鍏堢敤閮ㄥ垎鑺辨鍜岀洂鏀惧湪楦¤倸鍐咃紝鏅冧竴鏅冿紝浣跨洂銆佽姳妞掕蛋鍖€娴搁€?.奲 楀 噣 卄 华 华 巺 厺 厴 鎴?铡 樼 背 闀 Kuang 纴 3 铡 樼 倹 Real world 鍧 楴 浠 庡 垡 十 卆 嘩 濉 珲 叆 尾 妸 奸 奦 “Boiled?。鐢ㄧЙ绉告潌涓€澶撮《鐫€鑽峰彾锛屼竴澶撮《鐫€楦¤剨鑳屽锛屾妸楦℃拺鍦?.I ‘m going to show you how to do it in the drama, and I ‘m going to say, “I ‘m so happy, I wo n’t do it again, I wo n’t do it again”紝鏀惧叆鍏銆侀粍閰掋€佽懕銆佸锛屾堡娌革紝绉昏嚦鏂囩伀涓婄剸鍗婂皬鏃跺乏鍙筹紝鎹炲嚭鍗虫垚妗跺瓙楦$郴寮€灏佺壒浜у悕鑿滐紝瀹冮€夌敤褰撳湴鐨勪紭璐ㄧ瓲姣嶉浮锛岄噰鐢ㄧ櫨骞磋€佹堡鐓ㄥ埗鑰屾垚銆傝壊娉介噾榛勶紝鑲ヨ€屼笉鑵伙紝椴滃鑴嗛銆?

[How to stew chicken legs with mushrooms and potatoes]_ making method _ how to make

[How to stew chicken legs with mushrooms and potatoes]_ making method _ how to make

Mushroom and foundation are a good match.

We can add potatoes while the chicken drumsticks are stewed with mushrooms. This not only strengthens the nutrients, but also allows us to exceed the satiety.

As a staple food in western countries, potatoes can supplement daily physical needs and even promote our lives to a certain extent. It is a rare diet.

So, what are the methods of chicken legs stewed with mushrooms and potatoes?

First, the main ingredients: 750 grams of chicken legs, 360 grams of mushrooms, auxiliary materials: 360 grams of potatoes, moderate amounts of fragrant leaves, 3 slices of cinnamon, 1 segment of onion, 8 grams of ginger, 8 grams of garlic, 8 grams of garlic.Method 1. Wash the chicken legs and chop them into pieces.

2. Cut long onions, garlic slices, ginger slices.

3. Add an appropriate amount of oil to the pot. After the oil temperature rises, add pepper powder, spring onion, ginger, garlic, stir-fry the chicken legs and stir fry.

4. Stir until the flesh turns white, pour boiling water, add fragrant leaves, cinnamon, and boil over high heat.

5. Skim the floating foam, cover the pot and turn to low heat, and simmer for 15 minutes.

6. Peel potatoes, wash them, and cut into hob pieces.

7. Cover the pot, add potatoes, salt, soy sauce, sugar, stir well, cover and continue to simmer for 15 minutes.

8. Remove the mushrooms, tear them into strips, and wash them.

9, take another pot, pour an appropriate amount of water, add mushrooms after cooking, cooking wine, salt, and cook for about 3 minutes until the mushrooms are cooked.

10. Remove the mushrooms and rinse them with warm water.

11. Cover the pot, add mushrooms, cover and continue to simmer for about 10 minutes until the ingredients are fully cooked.

12. Turn to high heat and collect the soup to your favorite level.

Third, the role of mushrooms is: 1.

Replenishing Temper: For weak spleen and stomach, poor diet, bloating discomfort, fatigue, fatigue, decreased milk, use this product with pig lean meat, stew soup.


Runzao phlegm: for lung deficiency heat, cough and sputum, yellow color and sticky.

Mushrooms have the function of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids, and are suitable for consumption by too many people and the elderly.

It is antiviral, protects the liver, and is a complementary food for the treatment of hepatitis.

It has certain auxiliary effects on leukopenia, digestive tract disorders, promoting appetite, restoring brain function, and promoting milk secretion.

Carotene in mushrooms can be converted into vitamin A, so mushrooms are also known as “treasury of vitamin A”.

The content of cellulose in mushrooms exceeds that of ordinary vegetables, which can effectively prevent constipation.

From the current understanding, mushrooms can inhibit cellulose, induce interferon production, and have a certain effect on cancer.

Can enhance the body’s resistance to polymers.

[Curry Potato Chicken Rice]_Curry Chicken Rice_How to Make_How to Make

[Curry Potato Chicken Rice]_Curry Chicken Rice_How to Make_How to Make

In fact, curry in China cannot be said to be a substitute for edible food, but it is a daily necessity in Southeast Asian countries. Nowadays, more and more people prefer curry when making it, and curry potato chicken rice, belowCome and understand how it works.

Method one 1.

Cut chicken into square cubes with cooking wine, salt, and marinate for 10 minutes; diced potatoes in water; cut onions into small pieces for later use.


Turn on the heat, pour the right amount of oil into the pan, and fry the chicken until it turns discolored.


After frying until discolored, serve or push chicken aside, add dried peppers to fry.


After fragrant, remove the diced potatoes and stir-fry in a pan.


After frying evenly, add a small amount of cold water or broth and cook for about 3 minutes.


Pour the onion into the pot, add the old soy sauce, stir fry the salt and the right amount of curry powder, add a small amount of cold water, and cook for about 5 minutes.


Boil until the potatoes are very soft, and when a pinch will become mud, you can turn off the fire and serve the rice.


Put the cooked chicken curry potatoes into the casserole, kill the first time to eat and heat.


Put some soup and vegetables on the cooked rice, and when mixed, it is very fragrant and fragrant.

Method 2: Prepare two chicken legs, one large potato, one green onion (onion), an appropriate amount of garlic rice, 1L of milk, 1L of meat and bone broth, 40g of cream, 20g of white sugar, 20g of curry powder, proper amount of chicken legs, and cut vegetables into spare[1]Melt the flour in a hot pot, add garlic rice, curry powder, turn to low heat; add chicken leg, white sugar, stir fry for 2 minutes; add yuan onions, continue frying for 2 minutes; add potatoes and stir fry, allMove the ingredients to the large pot, pour the meat and bone broth and a large box of milk, and season with all the ingredients.[1]Season with salt and boil on high heat; Season with salt and boil on high fire;[1]Turn to simmer and continue to boil30 minutes until the soup thickens and the chicken and potatoes are crunchy;[1]complete[1]

1 barrel of hot water 1 barrel of cold water: bathing health


1 barrel of hot water 1 barrel of cold water: bathing health

Can you still maintain a bath?

A few days ago, for urban residents (white-collar blog, white-collar news, white-collar workers say)

銆€銆€Daily timed spray is beneficial to health. Western medicine believes that the body’s body heat system is regular.

The morning to the evening is an instant storage time, but it is lost in the afternoon to evening.

Therefore, spraying at a fixed time every day is in accordance with the laws of physiological circulation.

銆€銆€However, Chinese medicine believes that different “qi” in the human body maintains the functioning of organs and regulates their functions. If the “qi” is not well circulated, it will affect the function of the human body.

External factors such as exercise, stress, and light can bring positive stimulation to the body, making the body’s “qimai” smooth and achieving the effect of health.

To vent the pulse, you have to have a precise hand shower with adjustable water mode, which is the key to shower health.

Use 5 minutes every day in the shower process, use the shower to adjust the different water flow to stimulate the body’s acupuncture points and internal organs, can pass the pulse, relieve the pain, and this method is simple and easy in people’s lives.

銆€銆€Experts believe that hot and cold shower massage can help promote blood circulation, but must be hot and then cold.

Hot water relaxes the blood vessels on the surface of the skin and relaxes the muscles, helping to relax. When the body is warm enough, take a cold bath.

This can tighten blood vessels and promote blood circulation, excites the spirit and the body.

銆€銆€Shower massage must be done after washing the body.

During the process, the water temperature will be raised a little higher, and the water flow intensity will be strengthened. A massage of the massage water will be used to massage the muscles and ligaments, and concentrate on the muscles or the sore ligaments.

After the whole body has been warmed up with hot water, you can try a cold water massage.

Cold water massage should be carried out step by step. Do not immediately align the whole body with cold water. Start with the face, feet or hands and then slowly lead to the side.

If it is difficult to accept cold water, you can only shower from foot to foot and from hand to elbow. Move up a little every day and slowly adapt.

銆€銆€Shower regimen: 鈼廚o shower massage can be treated during drought or just after meals. Those with cardiovascular or circulatory problems must consult a doctor or related specialist.

銆€銆€鈼?Shower or bathe before showering to warm your body.

銆€銆€鈼?Use a mild shower gel or baby shower gel when the skin is dry. After bathing, apply some body lotion or nutrient cream to those who feel uncomfortable.

銆€銆€鈼?Pay special attention to dry your toes after bathing.

銆€銆€鈼?After showering, use a cotton swab to carefully dry the ear canal to prevent ear canal inflammation, and do not use excessive force to avoid hurting the eardrum.

The shower massage method corresponding to the illness.

銆€銆€The headache is corresponding to the tip of the shower massage method, and the limbs are weak: 5 minutes every morning, use soft and gentle cold water to flush the face, or use cold water to impact the calf at the right time.

銆€銆€Venous diseases such as cramps: Repeat the direct replacement time several times a day. Use the cold water flow of softener directly at the time, and extend from the feet to the lower abdomen through the knee socket and thigh.

銆€銆€Rheumatic pain: Bathe in warm water or hot water every day, or soak the pain in the bathtub and massage with a strong hot water flow.

銆€銆€Orange peel skin: powerful hot water massage for 5 minutes a day

Why does the foreskin balanitis recur?


How do patients clean their private parts?

Why does the foreskin balanitis recur?
How do patients clean their private parts?

Foreskin balanitis refers to the inflammation of the inner skin of the foreskin and the head of the penis.

A lipid substance secreted in the normal foreskin cavity. When the foreskin is too long or phimosis, such substances can accumulate into smegma to stimulate the foreskin and penis head to cause foreskin balanitis. The foreskin balanitis is also caused by bacteria, infection or drug sensitivity.

Then why is the foreskin balanitis repeatedly suffered?

How should patients clean their private parts?

Why does the foreskin balanitis recur?

1, do not pay attention to external genital hygiene: young men’s foreskin sebaceous gland secretion is often more vigorous, if you do not pay attention to often clean the external genitalia, or wash the foreskin did not turn over, the secretions of the foreskin sebaceous glands will accumulate under the foreskin, forming like tofuSlag-like smegma.

2, sexual partners with Candida, Trichomonas, Mycoplasma, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and other pathogen infections: but not treated at the same time, if so, the patient’s balanitis can only say “the treatment of the standard but no cure”, in sexual intercourseWill be infected, leading to the occurrence of balanitis, the infection site, resulting in redness, burning and itching glans arthritis.

3, the foreskin is too long and other factors are easily ignored: too long foreskin is also an important factor in the onset and repeated unhealed balanitis. If the foreskin is not treated too long, the bacteria and inflammatory secretions are easy to hide and the foreskin directly acts on theA certain or new organizational structure that exacerbates the condition or causes a sexual lesion, so if the foreskin is too long, early treatment is needed.

The private parts of foreskin balanitis are the first. The effective cleaning method for some parts is more important. Especially when the genitals have disease symptoms, it is easier to directly affect the reproductive function. The glans is a sensitive part, many males.In the phenomenon of distal foreskin phimosis, it is easy to cause balanitis when it is not treated for a long time. When cleaning every day, special care should be taken to turn the foreskin out, the dirt inside the foreskin can be cleaned, and the bacteria can be reduced.Refresh to restore health.

Second, no matter what causes the foreskin glan complications, in addition to adjusting the mood, the patient should pay attention to the daily cleaning method, and timely and correct cleaning, in order to avoid bacterial growth, the underwear needs to be cleaned separately, so as not to avoidIt is mixed with other clothes and the remaining bacteria can infect other parts.

Third, patients with balanitis need to follow the doctor’s advice, establish a good lifestyle correctly, correct nursing measures, can accelerate the degree of healing, patients need a stable state of mind, mood swings too much, will also affect the recovery, basically can notDo a sports program, otherwise, after a lot of sweating, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause the symptoms of the glans to repeat. When cleaning, it can be carefully cleaned with water.

How is the introduction of foreskin balanitis formed?

Precautionary measures for foreskin balanitis!

It is very important to prevent balanitis in spring.

Men should not be too small foreskin balanitis!

There is some way to treat dermatitis

Good posture, good, enjoy thin, correct posture, decompression, weight loss

Good posture, good, enjoy thin, correct posture, decompression, weight loss

Do you want to look thinner?
Let’s start with a good stance!
銆€銆€Correct posture + deep breathing When standing fast and thin, the parts of the body are aligned and it looks like people are thinner and the overall feeling is better.
A good posture can also make people feel more confident – confidence increases as the image gets better.
銆€銆€In addition to making people 鈥渆asy鈥? the good posture is good for health in many ways.
Standing and sitting correctly can avoid fatigue and excessive muscle use, thus avoiding back, neck and muscle pain.
Good posture also allows the muscles to work more efficiently to avoid fatigue.
Most importantly, it also allows us to breathe deeply in the abdomen.
The energy gained from deep breathing makes us use it all day.
銆€銆€However, most of us who work and relax in front of a desk or computer can easily develop bad sitting habits.
Is your posture really correct?
Know it yourself!

Do you have the following bad feelings?
銆€銆€1.Pain in the shoulders and back.

Breathing is very shallow.

It seems to lack confidence.

The energy flow in the body is not smooth.
Always tired.
It looks and feels weak.
銆€銆€If you already feel your muscles start to hurt, then you must act quickly to correct the bad posture!
銆€銆€Second, analyze the causes of bad posture: Before the action, first look at the causes and effects caused by the following bad posture, have you ever seen it?
銆€銆€1.Bad habits – bad sitting and standing posture 2, weakened muscles 3, obesity – excess weight oppressing muscles 4, pregnancy 5, shoes of different sizes – the worst muscle atrophy and joint relaxation posture of the high heels is the base of the body.
A good posture allows the body to act with minimal stress on the muscles and ligaments.
Improved posture is a great way to improve your self-positioning and improve your health.
銆€銆€Third, if it is corrected?
Develop a good attitude and do it with me!
銆€銆€Correcting bad postures is just as challenging as changing all the habits, but it can be successful with some attention and practice.
銆€銆€1.First, make sure you sit, stand, and pick things up in the right way.
銆€銆€Sitting position – the back of the shoulder is tilted and the back is straight.
The thigh and body are 90 degrees.
The neck, back and heel are in the same line.Don’t let yourself pull to the desktop!

銆€銆€Standing posture – standing up, straight up, squatting slightly.

The shoulders are slightly posterior, chest, and abdomen.

Drop your body weight on the forefoot instead of the toes or heels.

The arm is naturally drooping.

銆€銆€Picking up things – pressing down and bending back to pick up things will give you a tight tail.

The right way is to bend your knees instead of relying on your waist.

This compression movement is mostly done through the thigh muscles.

銆€銆€2.Keep the spine straight: in general, or always maintain the verticality of the spine properly.

No matter what you do, as long as you consciously keep your neighbors and replacements on the same line, you will gradually find that your posture is improving.

銆€銆€3.Exercises: After you start to change your habits, you can do some simple exercises to relax and relax your muscles: lower hips and waist stretch: stretch this lazy waist to move your fingers forward while using your limbs.

First, the head is drooping, and the shoulder blades are straight forward while the back is straight.

Then repeat in the opposite direction: the skull rises forward and arches the lower back.

銆€銆€Align the chest: lie on your back, hold your hands in the back, hold your legs and close your chest.

Keep the tailbone off the ground for at least 15 seconds.

銆€銆€Squeeze the shoulder blade: straighten the arm and shoulder height.

Swing forward and backward in the direction of the back, you must have the feeling of touching your hands together in the backup.

Put your arm back forward.

Do it slowly.

銆€銆€Lift the shoulder blade: the cheekbones are the same width as the shoulders.

Swing vertically and vertically in the opposite direction.

Keep your arms straight.

Do it slowly.

銆€銆€Twist the upper body: fracture the arm, bending forward.

The whole foot is on the ground and the toes are forward.

The chest is forward and the upper body is twisted backwards (trying to look behind).

Twist from the beginning to the other side.

銆€銆€4.Twist it!

Twist it!
Good posture tips pad cushion – consider adding a waist cushion to the office chair.

銆€銆€Keep your front face against the back of your chair – when you are sitting, remind yourself that it is helpful to have the front facing the back of the chair.

So as long as you always lean forward, you won’t be slouched.

銆€銆€Sitting on the edge of the chair – when sitting on the edge of the chair, naturally far away from the back of the chair, so it is not easy to lean on the back of the chair and pull it down.

銆€銆€Rest and use the timer – if you sit most of the day, often stand up and relax, set the timer to remind every 40 minutes, and whenever it rings, stop the workstation and lift your body up.

Or, go for a step.

銆€銆€Fitness ball – try to replace the seat with a fitness ball.

Gadgets come in handy and affordable.The fitness ball is also a good tool for the gradient backend.

one stone two bird!